60 second film festivals

For everyone who is not interested in 1 minute film festivals, I was able to find some upcoming 60 second film festivals… :)

best of luck,

Renderyard (ongoing)
One Minute Film Challenge is a Film Competition to produce a micro film that is no longer than sixty seconds. Categories: Short Film, Animation, Mobile Film, Documentary, Machinima, Experimental, Title Sequence, Film Trailer, Ident, Advert. A public vote each month and at the end of the year the twelve selected films will be judged by the public to decide which film is the Winner of the prestigious Renderyard One Minute Film Challenge Award. You can submit as many films as you like.

sixty second film festival 3/8/13
thematic festival. The best films selected by the jury will be shown simultaneously at public spaces round in the city of Copenhagen. Documentary, Animation, Art and Narrative genres are all accepted.

60 second film festival (Lancaster, PA) 4/18/13 You can use anything that records video, such as a digital camera, a smartphone or mobile gaming device, a tablet computer, a laptop or desktop computer with a webcam … or even make an animation! The options are nearly endless. Most mobile & tablet devices now have very affordable video editing apps, or you might already have video editing software installed on your desktop or laptop computer. Submit to Youtube or Vimeo.

the sixty second film festival 5/05/13 (Vashon, WA)
From the site: I started the film festival as a way to get interesting and creative people together to watch interesting and creative films; films that might not otherwise be seen. The event is free, and always will be. There will be beer, wine, cider and chocolate (also, free.) You can make the film on your iPhone, fancy SLR camera, or 16mm Bolex. wetransfer upload.

Le60Film (Leicester) 5/16/13
Open to everyone, regardless of age, experience, language or background. Our aim is to encourage everyone, especially those who have never made one, to make a film. Youtube or Vimeo link.

9th Annual 60 Seconds or Less Video Festival (Washington College) 4/19/13

Montreal 60 second film festival   JULY REGISTRATION
A not-for-profit film festival that celebrates 60 second movies – and all those who gather the gumption to make them. There is no entry fee and filmmakers will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis, registering at our launch party in mid July. The films, each sixty seconds long, will be screened three times, on September 13, 14 and 15, 2012, at the Cinéma Excentris. These films will each have been created by a different filmmaker or filmmaking team. The festival is open to all, regardless of filmmaking experience, and in fact we hope to attract amateurs and pros alike. We seek a wide variety of films, made by young and old, action heroes and animators, liars and documentarians – anyone with the will to bring their experiments to the screen.

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