Women in Latin American Experimental Animation Call for short films

Women in Latin American Experimental Animation 9/1/17
Moebius Animación wants to recognize the important contributions that women have made to the field of Experimental Animation in Latin America as directors, animators, art directors, sound engineers, sculptors, etc.  Although the participation of women in this field has become more and more visible, we believe their work has not been sufficiently exhibited or discussed. Also, we have observed that the varied and singular perspectives of women authors have not been given enough attention. In an effort to reverse this trend, we are organizing an exhibition titled Women in Latin American Experimental Animation, which will be promoted by Moebius Animación and exhibited in academic and cultural spaces in Latin America and the United States. The curators of Moebius Animación, Lina X. Aguirre y Cecilia Traslaviña, invite Latin American women and women of Latin American descent who are involved in production of experimental animation to submit their short films to be considered for inclusion in this international exhibition. From our perspective, experimental animation reinterprets, reorganizes and challenges the material, technical, narrative and affective conventions of animation established by large studios. In line with this vision, we would like to receive a broad range of short films, which represent varied animation techniques, both abstract and figurative, and with either fictional or documentary content. Email submission. Guidelines on website.

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