ARTfest Digital 2016

ARTfest DIGITAL 2016 9/26/16
ARTfest “Clash, Bang, Trash” is the theme. Your movie/film must work with our ARTfest 2016 theme. ARTfest Digital 2016 wants to see your One Minute Movie masterpiece! Start shooting your short film, animation, mobile film, documentary or experimental movie now. We will accept all genres, so let your imagination run wild. Entry to this competition is absolutely free. There will be three categories; ‘Open’, ‘Under 18’s’ and “Under 11’s”. The ‘Open’ category is open to anyone from anywhere in the world, the ‘Under 18’s will be open to Australian residents only, “Under 11’s are restricted to the New South Wales South Coast region (e.g. Nowra – Narooma). Submissions must be all your own work. We will not be able to accept entries that use copyright-protected music or other restricted materials.

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