October updates + one January

Hi all,
I have added a lot of October additions, and one that is not due until January. There are a variety of festivals in this list, including a challenge and a festival devoted to films created on mobile devices (so give it a go, if you haven’t yet). If you are a festival and have any festivals I should post please drop me a line at noentryfeefestivals(at)yahoo.com or use the submission form on the site.
best of luck,

Nile’s Diaspora International Film Festival (Uganda) 10/03/15
Currently accepting film submission applications for films and videos made by and/or about people of African and the African Diaspora. (Filmmaker needn’t be of African descent.) Films should preferably depict positive and realistic images and can be of any genre – experimental, romance, drama, comedy, horror, adventure, animation, science fiction, etc. NDIFF accepts features, shorts, narratives and documentaries. Short films should be less than 35 minutes and a maximum of 120 minutes for a full feature film. DVD or online submission through clickforfestivals.

International Green Culture Festival Green Fest 10/09/15
Film program of International Green Culture Festival attracts large audience and it is divided in two main segments: Amateur and short film competition program and revue program. Video activism has always been important part of the festival and Call for proposal every year gathers hundreds of films from around the globe.

Athens International Digital Film Festival (Greece) 10/10/15
Participation in the Festival: Each director has the right to participate in more than one film. The film must belong to one of the following categories:- Fiction, Experimental, Video art, Animation, Video Dance, Documentary. The subject of the films is up to the inspiration of the authors. Also, there is no limitation in the way the film was directed. Vimeo link in entry form.

Lecce Film Fest (Italy) 10/10/15
International films with no limitations as to themes, genre and duration, made from 2013 to 2015. DVD or link options. (There is a lottery of entry fees. If you choose no entry fee and you win the lottery, you will not get money)

Golden Panada North American International Short Film Festival (Canada) 10/11/15
The Golden Panda North America International Short Film Festival was first held in 2013 as a way for short film enthusiasts around the world to connect with each other and share their passion. WAB. Online voting starts on deadline.

Internationales Kurzfilmfest München (Germany) 10/16/15
You can enter short films on any topic with a maximum length of 20 minutes (and not one second more) in the following formats: 35mm, 16mm, Blu-ray, DVD (NO HD-files).  We do only need your film in one of the screening formats named above, if it was selected for the festival. Therefore send us just a preview DVD or Blu-ray first together with the filled, printed and signed entry form.

Movies that Matter Festival (Netherlands) 10/16/15
The Movies that Matter Festival presents around seventy human rights feature films and documentaries from all over the world. Many films will be screened for the first and only time in the Netherlands. The majority of the films are English spoken or subtitled.

Festival International du Documentaire Étudiant (France) 10/18/15
Be a documentary or a “documentary oriented” film, audio documentary, or animated film. The works of pure fiction are not admitted. Be a work of creation in which the point of view and treatment issues are raised as much as the questions regarding the subject. Be a work that has been completed during the time of the director’s studies (university, college, high school, workshop). Not to be a work already sent to the previous editions of the Festival. Submit online. (ddl. for DVD is 10/10/15)

mObgraphia film festival 10/20/15
A festival with films produced in mobile platforms. The most easy and accessible tool to express ideas, tell stories and exercise communication. Online submission.

The Heritage Film Festival (India) 10/20/15
Theme for the Heritage Film Festival 2015 (HFF2015) is ‘HANDMADE in INDIA’. The film to submit for HFF2015 have to be based on hand-skills from any part of India (traditional or contemporary); art and/or craft form that is primarily hand-made. Film maker from any part of the globe can participate. Filmmaker is free to create his / her own view of the subject, however film have to consist history, cultural connection, journey of its survival, present status, relevance with existing society, including the process of making, materials, tools – equipments, and definitive end. DVD submission.

90to5 Editing Challenge (Germany) 10/25/15
1. Pick your favorite movie 2. Start up the editing software of your choice and cut away… Online entry.

World Film Festival (Estonia) 10/25/15
World Film Festival is an event dedicated to the documentary cinema. The festival develops interest towards anthropological, analytical approach to cultures and societies, welcoming documentary film entries from all over the world. Our film program turns attention to cultural exchange as well as representations of other cultures and everyday life across the world. Online or dvd.

Shorts@Fringe 01/01/16
Shorts@Fringe is a showcase of short films at the Azores Fringe Festival, an international arts festival in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. submit by email or through filmfestivallife.



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