Outdoor screenings

Ahhh, summer… :)

– here are a couple of outdoor screenings, one for LA filmmakers and the other is for animated shorts from all over.

best of luck

P’tit Pain 4 6/5/15
Mondo Québec is looking for animated short films for it’s 4th annual screening called P’tit Pain 4 ! THE summer celebration of animation ! We are looking for amateur, student, semi-pro and profesionnal productions. The short films must: Be less than 15 minutes; Be made in the last three years; Be either in french or subtitled, but not mandatory.; NO 3D ! Submission online. send download link or vimeo/youtube, etc

The Silver Lake Picture Show 8/3/15
The Silverlake Picture Show is a free summer outdoor movie experience. Our goal is to screen short films by local LA filmmakers prior to an established, popular feature. We feel this is a great way to garner recognition for talented filmmakers, while providing a guaranteed audience. The filmmakers have an opportunity to introduce themselves, introduce their work and tell us where we can find more of it. Online submission.

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