Nightpiece Film Festival

In Filmfreeway it is easy to use filters to find the festivals with 0 entry fees. Once you upload the film, you can browse festivals and modify the options on the left to narrow down the festival list. I still recommend reading each entry thoroughly as sometimes in the text there are stipulations such as student only, online only, etc. Bleow is a festival that is currently on Filmfreeway.

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Nightpiece Film Festival 6/15/15
ETHOS – 2015. The Nightpiece Film Festival is considered as follows: GUIDELINES FOR THE CURATED PROGRAMME (ALL SUBMISSIONS). Films beyond 1 and less than 20 mins in length are accepted for review on a curated basis. We are simply looking for quality filmmaking delivered by producers and directors who value the exposure of their product. To be accepted, films must still align with the following statements: Be between 1 and 20 minutes in length; Be of a rating no higher than a ‘BBFC’ 12A or ‘MPAA’ PG-13; Be of clear narrative construction; Be of a technically screenable quality. Online submissions.

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