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Minute Festival (Brazil) 1/31/15 online submission
Two categories: Free Theme; Making of: How I did my one minute video. One Minute Festival was created in 1991 and has inspired the breeding of over 50 “one minute festivals” all around the world. One Minute Festival also could be called Ideas’s Festival, once idea is the most relevant criterion used in the vídeos evaluation.

Docville International Documentary Film Festival Belgium 03/1/15
The next edition of Docville will take place between May 1st-9th. Submit your film for one of the competition (Belgian competition, international competition and ConScience competition). Fill in the entry form and send in a link or dvd.

Film Out Festival San Diego 03/15/15
The mission of FilmOut San Diego is to enlighten, educate, and entertain the communities of San Diego County & beyond through the exhibition of LGBT-themed films. DVD submissions or online links.

Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (Korea) 3/20/2015
Short Film. Types of films Animation , Documentary, Narrative fiction. Genre: Fantastic, Horror, Mystery, Phantasy, Science fiction, Thriller

One Country One Film (Apchat, France) 03/31/15
All categories : Documentaries, fiction, animation, and experimental films (no music videos, commercials or corporate films), All genres (except pornography). All durations : from short films to feature lengths films. Online or DVD, must arrive by deadline.

Fonlad Online digital arts festival (Portugal) 3/31/15
The Festival is open to all national and international artists working at the level of digital arts and new technologies; The Online Festival for Digital Arts will take place online between January and December 2015 showing video art and video installations in unconventional places will also be carried out to define timely.

Jerusalem International Film Festival 4/1/15
All films submitted must be feature films (fiction or documentary) and their screening at the JFF must be an Israeli premiere.

Festival du Film Merveilleux et Imaginaire (Paris, France) 04/01/15
The festival is dedicated to films whose themes are magic, the imaginary, the marvelous, the astonishing, the supernatural, the occult, the strange, experimental cinema, the esoteric, the fantastic, science fiction and myths and legends and poetry, manga, comics, video games..  For short movies competition : 20 mm max. Best Movie, Best animated movie, Best screenplay , 
Special Prize , Music pick : Jury prize. DVD submission.

Docu-Jam 2015 04/6/15
Docu-Jam 2015 is a unique youth documentary showcase presented by the Paley Center, in association with Downtown Community Television Center in New York, which takes place on May 25, 2015.   We seek outstanding documentaries produced by young people across the country. DVD submission. (max. 3 per school)

Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (Korea) 5/8/2015
Short Film. Types of films Animation , Documentary, Narrative fiction. Genre: Fantastic, Horror, Mystery, Phantasy, Science fiction, Thriller

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    1. Including the year of production is something I have considered, and, of course, is a good suggestion. To comment on your actual question, I am not omitting or deleting anything. It is not a matter of leaving something. I have thought about adding it for each one, but obviously, it adds time to search through and find each element of a post. I focus right now on including a sentence “about” the festival, the submission method, the deadline date, and the genre if it is described. Some festivals have very long lists of regulations. by editing them down in my post I wouldn’t want to make it seem like there are less requirements than there are, only to get to the page and see otherwise. Most festivals are within a year or so. The only exception (times when I include it) are when a festivals has several deadlines for the same year that focus on production dates specifically.
      thanks for following my blog and best of luck to you, -tracy

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