January updates

Hi all-
I am waiting for several festivals to open their call for entries. Here are a couple that are accepting submissions for January.

best of luck,



Vienna Independent Shorts Film Festival 01/04/15
VIS wants to create tension and encourage fantasies, pique people’s curiosity and incite discussions, in short: generate the desire for short films. No matter if fiction or documentary films, animated or experimental work – at best, the experience of watching a film doesn’t end with the credits rolling and the festival represents enrichment for both the local audience as well as international short filmmaking. reel port.com submission.

VAFI- International Children and Youth Film Festival (Croati) 1/20/15
note: must arrive by feb 1st to receive consideration. VAFI is a film festival for animated films made by, or for children or youth under 18 years. Vafi Senior is a category of films made for children, by students, professionals, etc. Submit online or by post.


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