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Novella Short Film Showcase (Michigan) ongoing
Novella short film showcase is a cable television show. If you have a narrative short–regardless of genre– or animated short, a music video, or experimental film, we’d love to see it. Features, Shorts, Documentaries. Public Access Television show with ongoing review of films. Email us at Jaxonfilmfest (at) gmail (dot) com or scmfilmalliance (at) gmail (dot) com and send your links.

Jaxon Film Fest (Michigan) 8/31/14
We are looking for narratives, either short or feature length, with a darker nature. A shorter film is less than 42 minutes in length; a feature length film is over 42 minutes. Horror film makers this could be your calling. Submit your films by emailing us either a public or link at Jaxonfilmfest (at) gmail (dot) com or scmfilmalliance (at) gmail (dot) com

6 thoughts on “Submit…

    1. Actually, the Jaxon Film Festival is a new call for entries, for 2014. It was announced yesterday, on the last day of the festival. Also, I updated the posting about the Novella Showcase in the “ongoing” section to show both contact addresses and the name of the showcase.

      1. Tracy: If you call up, you’ll see there is a no-entry Festival de Cannes film site that is accepting entries. I doubt that this is THE Cannes Film Festival, but it is free to enter!

        1. I did see that one, I can’t remember why I didn’t add it. Maybe it is in my drafts and I just forgot to publish it. It is free for short films only. I was unclear as to whether it was THE Cannes film festival as well. Thanks so much for sending a message!

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