Some festivals due in the next week to ten days…

Ravenna Nightmare Film Festival (Ravenna, Italy) 9/23/13
Ravenna Nightmare Film Fest is a festival dealing with horror and fantastic genre in its broadest meaning, and will promote the Competition for feature films, retrospectives and various related events. Online link or DVD submission.

Freaked out film festival (Poland) 9/24/13
At the festival we accept short (up to 20 minutes) films – feature films, animations, documents. How it was shot does not decide whether the film will be accepted for Freaked – Out Films Festival – if it was made with video camera, camera, mobile phone, computer, crayons or anything else, it has a chance to be screened. However, there is one basic condition: the films have to be freaked out! Submit link to downloadable file or DVD.

Minsk International Film Festival – Listapad 9/26/13
The programme of Minsk IFF comprises Feature Films Competition, Documentary Films Competition and Children and Youth Films Competition “Listapadzik”. DVD submission.

Komas Freedom Film Festival 9/30/13
In competition: Films from South East Asian countries. Documentary/Fiction/Animation. Under 60 mins. People Power/ Democracy and Equality.Non competition: Any human rights films with themes on Democracy and Equality. Documentary/Fiction/Animation. Online link: Vimeo preferred.

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