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Animafest Zagreb (Croatia) 02/01/14
The World Festival of Animated Film in Zagreb is traditionally the second oldest festival in Europe. In the course of its forty-year-old history it has systematically been following world animation production through a number of films in competition and out of competition. Built on the tradition of the Zagreb School of Animation, Animafest, the festival oriented towards auteur film, has made a reputation of being one of the most significant events in the domain of animated film. short film edition. Submit by DVD or link to film in entry form.

Hamburg International Short Film Festival 04/01/14
THREE MINUTE QUICKIE –Every year, the The-Three Minute Quickie Competition tasks the makers of short and shortest films with the following homework: Create a film of no more than three minutes running time on a given subject. The subject for 2014 is: Doping. But keep in mind: Your dope submission may not exceed three minutes of length (or 3:59 min including trailer and credits) and it has to show up in our post by 1 April 2014.

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