Upcoming film festival deadlines

MOTELx – Lisbon International Horror Film Festival 6/15/13
An event for fraternizing and discovery, set-up for all those that are permanently looking for new auteurs, new films, new looks into the genre, and new experiences. The program offers the audience a selection of the films that have generated the most enthusiastic reactions all around the world in the last couple of years, in all possible variations of the genre – from supernatural to gore, from psychological horror to the monster movie, from blockbuster to indie, from classic to experimental, from cult to new tendencies.

The Caribbean Film Corner 6/30/13
We seek out film makers from the Caribbean globally or those who are not from the Caribbean but making films about this region to give the audience an extremely diverse range of films and stories to choose from. Categories: Animated Short, Best Animation, Experimental, Feature Film, Music Video. Submit through FestHome submission platform (festhome charges a small fee, festival does not…).

Ars Independent International Film Festival (Poland) 6/30/13
Ars Independent is the space devoted to dialogue between filmmakers and the audience, created with belief that cinema as a medium can influence reality. We are crossing geographical, social and political borders in order to disclose unknown cinema and discover both The Other and ourselves. Independent Feature Films and Short Animations. Submit DVD and entry from by mail.

Women in Film and Television International Film Festival (Mexico City) 7/01/13
The objective of this film festival is to gather and exhibit the most representative works of audiovisual Mexican and foreign women short films, feature films, narrative, documentary, animation and experimental films, in film, video, television, and/or videoart formats. A WOMAN Director must have realized the projects presented. Projects should be presented in Spanish or with Spanish subtitles. DVD submission.

Lomo Cinema Competition 7/30/13
Ars Independent International Film Festival. A few years ago the idea of resurrecting an old lomo technology was born. The technology allows amateurs to take photos fast and cheaply. Not so long after LomoKino camera was introduced. Using LomoKino and any photo film you can shoot short films. Thirty-seconds length recordings made on one reel shall capture moments of ephemeral emotions. We would like Ars Independent to be associated not only with ambitious cinema, but also with free creation. Reaching out for your photographic and film interests, we are calling for entries to the Lomo Cinema section. So if you have LomoKino or any other camera, if you have basic filming skills and you are willing to present your film at Ars Independent IFF – submit your work.

Westerville Public Library Film Festival (Ohio) 8/9/13
Important: note the following criteria: Films must adhere to the time frames specified- this includes title and credits. Films that are too short or too long will be disqualified. Documentary: 5-10 minutes, Feature Film: 5-10 minutes, Music Video: 2-5 minutes, Book Trailer: 2-5 minutes. All entries must creatively make use of a book at some point in the film or mention a character from the book if creating a book trailer. Any published book may be used as well as any character from a published book. All entries must adhere to G or PG rating guidelines. Online Entry Form with Youtube submission.

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