Some more festivals

VI Janela Internacional do Cinema do Recife 7/8/13
The idea to open this Janela Internacional de Cinema in Recife (Janela means “window” in Portuguese) came from several concerns. The first one was to have a forum in the state of Pernambuco that offered a generous look at independent film production in all its available formats, wherever it might come from. Films of any genre produced in whatever format, after January 2012, may compete. The festival will screen HD, DCP and 35mm. Filmmakers submit a Vimeo or Youtube link and a password.

Germany after Dark 8/15/13
Late Deadline. First year of festival. Showcase of new horror movies. We will publish a ‘Germany After Dark’ cinema trailer that will be seen by more than 50,000 film fans. The press will also be involved (TV, newspapers & Radio). Our goal is to organize an event that is crossing borders- real borders. We will present new movies in English. Submit by FTP, dropbox or DVD.

Anima (Brussels) 10/01/13
festival of cartoon and animated film (send DVD)

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