Some more festivals

Cine Pobre – The Low Budget High Intellect Film Festival – Building Creative Bridges (La Paz, Mexico) 4/15/13
Building creative bridges by awarding no & low-budget filmmakers & audiences with moments of radical Americanization. DVD submission by mail.

Figari Film Festival (Italy) 4/20/13
International Short Film Festival. The FFF tends to seek, discover and promote new authors of contemporary and both Italian and international independent cinema. The Festival aims to be a showcase for those who are already well-known in the film industry as well as a great launching pad for emerging directors, screenwriters, actors and actresses. Moviebeta submission highly recommended.

Puerto Rico International Film Festival 5/3/13
Future Films ( Thriller, Action, Biography, Drama, Comedy, Suspenses, Horror), Short Film ( Max 45 minutes), Documentary (Experimental, Short Film, Future Film), Animation ( Short Film, Future Films). WeTransfer or DVD.

Brazilian Student Film Festival 5/24/13
The Festival aims to promote the student film and develop a greater reflection about the genre, trying to broaden the interchange between the Brazilian and International production. The International Competition will be composed of the most representative student films produced up to two years before the Festival. DVD or link.

Milwaukee Film Festival (USA) 06/24/2013
can submit screening copy on dvd or password protected online streaming services (vimeo, etc)

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