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Akron Film and Pixel ongoing
Akron Film+Pixel is a year-round social organization for creators and fans of film and games.

Fonlad 2013, Online digital arts festival (Portugal) 3/31/13
The Festival is open to all national and international artists working at the level of digital arts and new technologies; The On Line Festival of Digital Arts will run between April 27 and July 6, having a digital version, lodge in the page of the festival in the Internet ( and several events such exhibitions, screenings and video installations.

psychopomp screenings (Chicago) 4/20/13
Film Collective. Emerging filmmakers. Youtube or Vimeo link.

Media That Matters Film Festival (New York) 4/28/13* note: no fee for this deadline. Later deadlines have a fee.
Email application with hyperlink to film. New York City Premiere, Awards Ceremony, Educator’s Forum and industry networking events. Media That Matters international, multi-platform campaign with DVD distribution, broadcasts, streaming and hundreds of screenings across the globe! Hundreds of thousands of people, including educators, activists and nonprofits, will watch and use your film. All submission must be under 12 minutes. Documentary, animation, PSA, experimental, narrative, music videos – be creative!

 All submissions must clearly address a social issue.

Acid Rain Open call for video art (New York) 4/30/13
Emerging and mid-career artists, filmmakers,performers, programmers, animators, and anyone working with moving images are encouraged to apply. One submission will be chosen for the final episode of Season Five, which will air on cable access TV stations in New York City, and North Carolina, in addition to the Acid Rain website. The chosen artists will have their work broadcast, and included in the permanent Acid Rain archive. The theme for this open call is “The End”, a cryptic, yet nostalgic, pronouncement that brings to mind the iconic cinematic finale, and  a fatalistic resolution. The theme is meant only as a prompt, and is open to interpretation by each artist. We chose this theme to mark the end of the TV broadcast portion of Acid Rain, as we look towards new projects, utilizing new mediums after almost 60 episodes that reached into the homes of viewers in New York, and North Carolina since 2008.

Facade Video Festival (Bulgaria) 4/30/13
An annual video art exhibition where videos are projected onto the walls of houses both in the old town of Plovdiv and in the neighbourhoods. Facade Video Festival aims to create an interface between viewers and artists, between visual arts and the city. There are no restrictions concerning the theme.

The Impakt Festival (Utrecht, The Netherlands) 5/01/13
The screening program during the festival, Panorama, contains a selection of the best new video works from over the world. We are looking forward to your submission of daring, experimental, critical, subversive, unheard of  and surprising film and video work, produced in 2011, 2012 or 2013. The Panorama program is open for submissions of single channel works, produced in 2010, 2011 or 2012.

Mia Open Call For Video Art 6/15/13
The MIA series screens the work of artists using the moving image. Curated by video artist Alanna Simone, MIA presents new work every 4th Friday at the Armory Center for the Arts in Pasadena, CA.

Tirana Film Festival(Albania) 08/23/2013

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