Festival updates..

Multimatograf (Russia) 04/07/13* one page states 4/7 by 11 pm, other page states 4/8
submitted by any file exchange program or post
Open International Festival of Multimedia Art multimedia creations with a message, a creative approach… Both independent artists and studios can participate. The festival is non-commercial and our main goal is to share the art works with people and have them enjoy the beauty of computer art. Festival categories: Cartoon, Video art, Music video Wild (for those cool weird works which don’t fit in the other three!

World Festival of Animated Film (Bulgaria) 06/10/2013
Upload to festival site or DVD submission.

Scottish Mental Health Arts and Film Festival: 06/14/13 (Scotland)
film or film projects, underway or completed, with links to mental health, then the organizers want to hear from you.

Temps D’Images Film Award for Films on Art 07/15/13
First or second work of Portuguese filmmaker; Portuguese Student film; Portuguese and International filmmaker. Films on art and artists. Submissions on DVD PAL (Eurozone). Producers and filmmakers can submit more than one film.

Grand Off World Independent Film Awards (Warsaw, Poland) 08/15/13
Short Film Festival that supports Independent filmmakers and students before their professional debut. All genres up to 45 minutes.

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