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Paris Cinema International Film Festival 4/12/13
International Competition, Feature Film. DVD submission.

WomenMakeWaves Film Festival (Taiwan) 4/15/13
Women Make Waves Film Festival aims to celebrate the achievements of outstanding female talents, to explore different aspects of women’s lives as well as to promote equality and rights of all genders. By covering a wide range of genres, issues, and representations of women, the Festival seeks to present and honor women’s survival wisdom and power as they are turned into films and gain mainstream recognition. Submission to the festival is open to feature films, short films, documentaries, animation, experimental films and innovative visual productions for digital media. (Subjects: Modern Witch-Hunt, Queer Flame, Women Home and Country, New Currents)


NIFFF Neuchâtel international fantastic film festival, (Switzerland) 5/10/13
Created in 2000, the Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival (NIFFF) has become a major film event in Switzerland in just 11 editions. Indeed, the NIFFF’s quality and original programs, as well as its prestigious guests convinced both the public (more than 27,000 spectators in 2011) and the critics (press reviews in 2011 – a selection -). The first characteristic of the festival is a rich and diversified programming constructed around one central axis: Fantastic cinema and two complementary axes: Asian cinema, Digital Images.

EIDF International Documentary Festival (Korea) 5/26/13
The Festival has been established to promote the world’s best documentaries through a week-long programming of documentaries via EBS-TV, Korea’s representative public educational channel. It seeks to provide an opportunity for the documentaries to communicate with their audience as well as to encourage young documentary filmmakers all around the world to produce new works.

Josiah Media Festival 6/1/13
Talented, young filmmakers, 21 years of age or under, can now submit their films for competition in this year’s Josiah Media Festival. Almost $2,000 in prizes will be awarded to winning filmmakers. Films should be no longer than 20 minutes trt and can be about anything you wish (no theme required). We accept films in the categories of narrative, animation, documentary, and experimental, which covers just about everything. DVD or thumb drive.

Baghdad International Film Festival (BIFF) 6/1/13
scheduled to take place on October 6th-10th 2013 in Baghdad, has launched its call for entries. As indicated in  the Festival’s press release, the Festival is looking for short-form, documentary, and feature film submissions in all genres

21 Film Project (Decataur, IL) 7/15/13
The 21 Film Project will be held in downtown Decatur during the 28th annual Decatur Celebration! With total attendance of almost 300,000, the Celebration is a great way to get the exposure your film deserves. Film Project events will be held throughout the weekend, including screenings of the top films and award-winning films from other festivals around the country. DVD submission. Projects under 4 minutes long.

Hawaii International Film Festival 8/1/13
any genre, feature films, documentaries, short films, Hawaii-themed films, and student films. note: no entry fee status is only for student filmmakers under 18, and it seems to be hawaii residents only.

Moab International Film Festival (Moab, Utah) 8/19/13
WAB. Moab International Film Festival is a non-profit organization dedicated to showcasing independent films of the highest quality from around the world. Categories: Experimental Film: Non-conventional ideas in film. Musically Inclined: Stories about music and musicians or music videos. Documentary: Documenting life on earth.Environmental Landscapes: What is in the world around you? Narratives and stories. Fiction or non. Comedy: Humor in any form. Outdoor Action: Stories from the outdoors.

Women Media Arts and Film Festival 11/15/13
WOMEN Media Arts and Film Festival is a gender-specific initiative to invite all women filmmakers and digital media artists from around the world to showcase their works before global audiences and international women jury panel!  The Festival is a platform to create awareness among film and digital media industry professionals and mainstream audiences the significant contribution by women filmmakers and media artists to ever evolving digital culture. Youtube and Vimeo links to preview and view the work. First edition.

2 thoughts on “More updates

  1. Many thanks for continuing to post no entry fee festival sites. This site is perfect for desktop filmmakers like myself; not interested in prizes, just appreciative audiences.

    1. Thanks, James! I have thought for many years about motion artists who create work and do not show them. I teach full time and know it is just an exercise until you share. When you share you become part of something. The thing that I didn’t anticipate was the degree to which I would become part of something by sharing festivals.

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