Freewaves Open Call

This deadline is coming up pretty quickly. As a bonus, there is a fee paid for use of your work, depending on whether it is pre-existing, custom or newly commissioned. The great part is that millions will see it on public transit!

thanks to James Duesing for the link!

best of luck,


Freewaves Open Call (Los Angeles, CA) 01/21/2013
Freewaves is seeking two-minute artists-activists-storytellers’ videos about health, environment, rights or anything else on your mind to show to I million riders per day on all 2,000 Metro buses in L.A. County in 2013. Videos may be animations, documentaries, narratives and experimental videos about, by and in Los Angeles. We invite you to share your impressions, offer information and insights, and present issues relating to LA. Taken together we hope to create a mosaic of our complex city. Freewaves will pay $100 – $400 per video. ($100 for pre-existing, $200 for custom editing, $400 for newly commissioned works). Send us a URL on your entry form OR a DATA DVD.

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