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July 21, 2014

Reanimania (Yerevan, Armenia) 7/30/14
ReAnimania festival aims to facilitate the development of animation art, educate a new generation of world class animators and provide a forum for presenting works of Armenian animators in the international arena as well as introduce examples of the world’s finest animated films to the Armenian audience. Deadline (Shorts, TV & Education, Advertisement, Music, Graduation and Commissioned Films)

Festival on Wheels (Turkey) 8/15/14
For a whole month every year, the Festival on Wheels has visited different cities with the latest fare from world cinema, sections dedicated to masters, new films from Turkey, short film compilations and special screenings raising social and cultural issues through the medium of film…World Cinema; Retrospectives; Short Films (fiction, documentary, animation, experimental). 

Reanimania (Yerevan, Armenia) 8/25/14
ReAnimania festival aims to facilitate the development of animation art, educate a new generation of world class animators and provide a forum for presenting works of Armenian animators in the international arena as well as introduce examples of the world’s finest animated films to the Armenian audience. Deadline (Feature films)

Sommets du cinéma d’animation 9/15/14
The Sommets du cinéma d’animation is an international festival dedicated to animation in all its forms, from heritage films to new media by way of current production. All genres of animation accepted. Under 40 minutes. Link or DVD submission.



august updates

July 19, 2014

I am adding new festivals to my site. Thank you to those who give me the heads up when I miss a submission fee.

Over the last year, many festivals have begun to integrate online submissions. Some use submission platforms. While there is a fee with most platforms. I draw the line as to whether the festival itself charges a fee. I welcome your thoughts.

best of luck


BIAFF film festival (Batumi, Georgia) 8/1/14
Films can be submitted for following competition sections: International Competition – Feature films, doc films, short films. DVD or online screener.

Viewster 8/7/14
VOFF 3 – Be afraid. Be VERY afraid. For the third #VOFF, we wanna see your masterpiece genre creation. What’s up your sleeve that’s terrifying, thrilling, explosive, paranormal or will take us to the furthest sci-fi dimensions? Our world can be a pretty twisted place, so show us the most fantastical realms you can bring to life, the spookiest creatures or the craziest demented minds. Bottom line: Keep us on the edges of our seats! Submit through one of the listed submission platforms.

CAMERIMAGE 8/18/14 *no fee for music videos
CAMERIMAGE, the biggest international film festival devoted to the creation of film image by the cinematographers has launched the selection process, inviting filmmakers, producers and distributors to submit feature films, documentaries, music videos and student etudes for the festival’s upcoming 22nd edition. Online screeners or dvd.

Madswell 8/22/14
There are several reasons that lead to the creation of this festival and relate mainly because of the waves of Madeira are internationally known among professional and amateur practitioners looking for the ideal spots of the island for surfing, with a particular focus on Jardim do Mar, Paul do Mar and San Vicente; nicknaming this destination surf as the “The European Hawaii”! Vimeo link or DVD.

CAMERIMAGE 8/31/14 *no fee for student, documentary
CAMERIMAGE, the biggest international film festival devoted to the creation of film image by the cinematographers has launched the selection process, inviting filmmakers, producers and distributors to submit feature films, documentaries, music videos and student etudes for the festival’s upcoming 22nd edition. Online screeners or dvd.

More deadlines

July 17, 2014

International Queer Film Festival 7/18/14
About 15,500 people visit every year Germany’s largest and longest-running LGBTIQ film festival. The colourful and comprehensive selection of films includes everything from feature length feel-good movies and documentaries to politically courageous productions and rarely seen experimental projects – allowing everyone the chance to find something to get excited about.

International Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg 7/21/14
A festival for the creative international author´s film with an artistic claim. Only newcomer directors (feature films) may participate at the International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg, i.e. directors who are unknown to an international audience outside their home country. Submitted films must have been completed during the 18 month proceeding the festival, i.e. before November 2014. The minimum length of submitted films is 55 minutes. DVD submission.

Komas Freedom Film Festival 7/30/14
Film submissions with the theme of FREEDOM. What is your Freedom story? Capture it on film and inspire the world with your story. Documentary and Short films. Under 60 mins (longer films will be considered only for non competition screenings). Online screener or dvd.

Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 7/31/14
The official name of The Golden Horse Awards has been changed to “Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival,” which is not only the most important film event in Taiwan, the main activities also extend to four parts – Golden Horse Award competition, Film Festival, Film Project Promotion and Film Academy. The Golden Horse Awards aims at encouraging the development of Chinese-language films. The Film Festival intends for introducing excellent films to Taiwanese audience from around the world to stimulate exchange of ideas and inspire creativity. DVD Screener.


Some updates

July 17, 2014

Expotoons (Buenos Aires) 7/31/14
Aims to make a contribution to the development of the animation industry as well as to promote the interchange of knowledge and experiences among the different countries in order to establish international relationships between producers and creators. The Competition is open to animated feature films, short films, TV series, commercials and graduation shorts, finished by film or digital mediums. Online submission.

Machinima Expo 09/1/14
This year we are expanding the festival to include ALL forms of animation. 2D, 3D, 2.5D or any D you want to create a film in, as long as it’s animation we are interested in seeing what you’ve created. We are primarily interested in animated films that are original and experimental in nature.Upload film to (or other video sites like and provide the link to download the film.

Beeld voor Beeld 09/12/14
Documentary film festival that is concerned with cultural diversity. Rooted in visual anthropology, the festival screens documentaries on various (sub-)cultures offering discussions and seminars. The festival serves as a meeting place for filmmakers and audiences from different cultural backgrounds. All filmmakers will be present, and much attention is given to discussions between them and the audience. A special part of the program is devoted to student films and is open to students from all educational programs on visual anthropology or documentary filmmaking. Entry is open to any production that either deals with subjects of anthropology, sociology and social issues or fits the overall theme. Submit downloadable film or DVD.

More updates

July 16, 2014

Simultan Festival (Romania) 07/20/2014
The 10th edition of the Simultan Festival will take place between 6-11 October, under the motto TERMS & CONDITIONS’. Simultan is open for submissions of innovative video works, which is related to the theme.- categories: video, experimental video, fiction, documentary, experimental documentary, motion graphics, experimental animation, digital/generative
- number of works: 2 max./ author- duration: 10 minutes max. (each)submit online or by post.

Cinema Vérité (Tehran, Iran) 7/31/14
The festival tries to express the relationship between reality and truth though documentary films. DVD entry.

Vina de Oro Film Festival (Fresno) 7/31/14
We provide a platform for filmmakers to showcase full-length, short, or documentary films. We all know that film plays are a crucial function in the way persons experience culture, and therefore, it is our hope to give artists a venue at Tower Theater to promote and educate a qualified and interested audience.

International Film Festival Tofifest (Poland) 8/14/14
Tofifest is recognised in Poland as the rebellious festival and it is considered to be one of 10 biggest film events in the country.Films can be entered for the following three film competitions: ON AIR International competition. We accept full-length debut films or sophomore films of a given director, provided that they were made after 1st January 2012. SHORTCUT International competition. We accept short films that are no longer than 35 minutes: storylines, documentaries, animations, and experimental short films. It is not required to submit debuts for this competition. FROM POLAND It is a national competition for full-length feature films, made in Poland or co-produced with Poland. It is not required to submit debuts for this competition. Submit by mail or online platform.

Cinefest Sudbury 8/15/14
Calling all Northern filmmakers! Cinéfest Sudbury is now accepting submission for 2014 CTV Best In Shorts Competition! If you’re an amateur, student or mid-career short filmmaker, you can advance your career, have your work screened to a festival audience and receive exposure in the film making industry! Best of all, finalists will compete for a host of cash prizes in Open and Student categories—prizes that can be used to bring your next great film idea to life.

International Student Film and Video Festival (Beijing) 08/15/14
Accepts the work of students from all over the world. Categories: Fiction, Documentary, Animation, Others Entries may be submitted by participating schools or by individual participants. All entries will undergo a pre-selection process conducted by representatives from each department of Beijing Film Academy. Submission through online site, email or dvd.

Animated Dreams 8/15/14
nternational competition programme of short and medium-length animated films
Non-competitive informative programmes, retrospectives and special presentations
Full-length animations programme. DVD and online form,

Images en vues short film festival 8/15/14
Images en vues short film festival takes place in the Magdalen Islands, Quebec, Canada, a french speaking community. Therefore, we generally ask for french subtitles. If you don’t have any, a dialog list in english (time coded, if possible) would help us generate french subtitles. Genres: Fiction,  Documentary, Animation, Experimental. Submit DVD or private link to film.

FreeNetWorld International Film Fest (Serbia) 09/01/14
We would like to invite filmmakers from around the world to submit their films. Genre: fiction – drama and comedy, documentary, animations, experimental/ music video, Theme: Free Choice. less than 30 minutes in length; subtitled in the English language, unless the dialog is in English. Submit by link in online submission form or DVD.

MADATAC (Madrid, Spain) 9/8/14
Contemporary audio-visual and new media art international festival. MADATAC  is dedicated to divulge Video Art and Audio Visual-Art in all its modalities, any processes of image-sound interaction without exclusion of experimental-expanded cinema, with the aim to disclose to the great public a view of the consolidated video artists and offer a platform for all those emergent video artists with a future projection who contribute with renewing proposals, avoid conventional visual language and does not find their place in other mass media spaces. Send work by post.

Breast Fest- A rethink breast cancer event (Toronto) 9/30/14
e are seeking films about breast cancer and the breast cancer experience, with a focus on younger (premenopausal) women or men.  We are also looking for films that highlight the experience of being a younger person facing cancer or films that offer a unique perspective on cancer.. Submit link to film.






July 15, 2014

Tenderflix 7/20/14 (time conversion recommended if not in the UK)
Submissions are now open for the seventh year edition of Tenderflix taking place late October 2014 in London. Tenderflix is a juried international film and video competition. The festival is open to moving-image works in all genres, with just two stipulations: all entries must be less than 10 minutes long, and completed since January 2013. Submit link.

Animage Festival (Brazil) 7/21/14
Only Short films in animation up to 30 minutes and released in 2012 are able to participate. HD format, 1920 x 1080. Upload as part of submission process. If not able to upload a file, may send film by post.

Biarritz Festival Latin America 7/22/14
Feature Films. DVD Screener.

Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival – Curta Cinema 7/25/14
Dedicated to the promotion and exhibition of short-length audiovisual works. The Festival shows works finalized in 35 mm as well as digital format, with a maximum length of 40 minutes, and is both competitive and informative. The program of the festival in 2013 will be made up of: International Competition, National Competition, Latin-American Panorama, Rio de Janeiro Panorama, Special Programs, The Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival – Curta Cinema – qualifies the winners of its National and International Grand Prix to enter the competition for an Oscar nomination by the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Besides showing films, the festival promotes workshops, debates and lectures. Submit through link on festhome submission site.

Thessaloniki International Film Festival (Greece) 7/25/14
Full length feature films. DVD submission.

Abertoir Horror Festival 7/28/14
Professionally made features and short films (max 15 min) . We welcome submissions from all over the world. Whether independent or big budget, we are looking for professionally made entries for inclusion in our lineup. Fantasy as well as horror will be considered. Submissions through online hosting (streamed online or file transfer) or DVD.

Submit today

July 15, 2014

Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival 7/15/14
We are looking for current films, installation concepts and proposals for audiovisual performances and VJ-Sets from the years 2013 and 2014. There is no restriction concerning the length of the submitted work. Submit dropbox link to work or dvd.

CineEco (Portugal) 7/15/14
The Festival is open to the registration of fiction movies, long or short film documentaries for the various sections – competitive and non-competitive, according to the environment theme. Cine’Eco intends to continue to be a space to show the best films and videos from around the world, focusing on environmental issues, with the intention to create awareness, provide discussion, enhancing knowledge and deepen the need for urgent changes in the behavior of people, governments and companies, in order to preserve the planet. Online Submission Form and DVD by mail.

Submit now

July 13, 2014

Athens International Film Festival (Greece) 7/13/14
Attracting young audiences, exceeding 50.000 people, AIFF is a great way to get your film noticed. To submit your film, fill in the application for and send it off along with a screener. AIFF is seeking features, documentaries, short films.

3D Wire Animation Market (Segovia, Spain) 07/15/14
The international animation market is open to all the directors, producers and distributors of animation short films from any country (maximum length: 30 minutes). You can submit your short film through Shortfilmdepot, filling in own entry form, or sending the short film through a download site

Cinema Vérité (Tehran, Iran) 7/15/14* according to fb, is extended to end of july
The festival tries to express the relationship between reality and truth though documentary films. DVD entry.

Tokyo International Film Festival 7/15/14
TIFF continues to aim to extend our love for the limitless and profound magic of cinema to the viewers, with no career or genre restrictions. Must be feature films (including animation) running over 60 minutes. Entry form asks for a link to the website for the film. Submission appears to be DVD.



about updates… and some updates

July 13, 2014

I am currently updating my blog and wanted to point out that I only post (or list by month) festivals that are currently open for submissions- unless I indicate on the posting when they will open (please respect this). Most festivals open their call for submissions one or two months ahead. Usually the furthest out any festival will announce a call is 6 months. With deadlines four months or more away, the thinner the postings.

I am starting to post festivals open in October and November now. More will be added as the festivals get closer.

Please mention if you submit to a festival from my page. Also, if you know of a festival (or organize a festival) I should add, please use the submission page.

best of luck,



PLAY – Lisbon’s International Kids Film Festival 9/1/14
Online submission.

International Film Festival zubrOFFKa 9/1/14
Every year we were organising screening for kids. This year we decided to let them vote. You can still submit your short film kids-dedicated! More

South West London International Film Festival (UK) 9/30/14
The SWIFF International Film Festival offers independent filmmakers and photographers from around the globe the opportunity to have their work seen by award-winning judges, fellow filmmakers and a broad public audience. The following categories are accepted: fiction, documentary, animation, experimental, and photographic works (still/ moving-image) (films can be short, medium or full-length). Submit digital link or send DVD by mail.

International Film Festival zubrOFFKa 10/1/14
Every year we were organising screening for kids. This year we decided to let them vote. You can still submit your short film kids-dedicated! More

The Maine Jewish Film Festival (Portland) 11/1/14 * submissions open august 1st
We curate a program of films that explore the Jewish experience through – drama, comedy, documentary and short film formats. MJFF has grown to be one of the best-attended, most well-respected, and highly-anticipated cultural events in the State. We attract a diverse, sophisticated, and deeply loyal audience that loves independent film. Send DVD.

16th International Underwater Film Festival (Serbia) 11/05/14
underwater documentaries. BETA, mini DV, DV Cam (PAL), will accept NTSC if other formats present a hardship.

Spirit Enlightened Film Festival 11/7/14
Documentary films on: Evolution of Consciousness;New Spirituality;Culture of Religion;Present Evolutionary Impulse;Emergent Scientific Perception;Vision/Ideas on New Being – Feminine, Masculine, Superhuman;Transcendent & Transformative Practices; Transpersonal/Gnostic Perception & Action;Integral Philosophies & Wisdom, Intimate Spiritual Experiences & Expressions;The New Pursuit – Love; The Powers – Within & In Cosmos;Enlightened Leaders, Systems & Designs. DVD submissions.

Landshut Short Film Festival 11/15/14
Competition categories: Short film competition for films from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. international Horror, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mystery or Thriller Short Film. International Animation Short Film. Online Entry.

One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival (Prague) 11/15/14
Organized by People in Need. People in Need is a Czech non-profit, non-governmental organization. One World’s programme consists of two competition categories, a variety of non-competition categories and thematic categories, as well as Docs for Kids section. Films are chosen by One World’s selection committee. When selecting films, the committee concentrates equally on both human rights content and artistic quality.Films need to meet these criteria: documentary films or short animated films, feature, mid-length or short films, films provided with English subtitles or English spoken films, films made in last 2 years (2012 – 2014). upon prior agreement with the festival, unfinished films can be submitted. Submit DVD or online link.

Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival (Scotland) 11/30/14 ** will open sept 1st
We accept submissions of short films, feature films, installations and expanded cinema events (both digital and 16/35mm). We usually prefer work of a more experimental nature, though narrative films that show uniqueness in form and structure, or strong relevance to our themes, are most welcome. Please bear in mind the overall festival theme which aims to explore mankind’s relationship to the natural world. We’re also interested in the ‘alchemy’ of film as well, whatever that turns out to be. Please only submit your work if it relates to these themes in some meaningful way.


July 11, 2014

Bristol’s first Indian Film Festival 7/30/14
Voices of India is opening up selections for Bristol’s first Indian Film Festival which would take place in UK ( United Kingdom) in the month of September 2014. We are looking for short films made by directors below the age of 18 years to feature in our little directors category. Though, there is no restrictions on theme of the film, but we would love to consider films based on social issues. Online submission.

Twisted Tails Film Festival 10/1/14
Our festival began in 2011 as a fundraising event with a single film (All American Zombie Drugs) being shown over the course of a weekend. In 2013, we ramped things up even more by making this a full blown 3-day horror film festival! We look forward to seeing all the great horror films you guys have made!!! Submit form with link to film.

International Children’s Festival (Montreal) 12/14/14
FIFEM- The Montreal International Children’s Film Festival (better known under its French acronym FIFEM) will hold its 17th edition from March 1st to 9th, 2014. For sixteen years, we have been presenting quality cinema to the young public of Montreal during spring school break!


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