POOL – International Festival for Video Dance Berlin

May 24, 2015

POOL – International Festival for Video Dance Berlin 7/1/15
POOL is a format for dance films and dance animations and offers space for the mutual exchange of experiences, development, training, and production prospects.  All dancers, choreographers, film makers and artists are invited to apply with dance short films and dance animations. 
Films should not be longer than 30 minutes and also not only a documentation of a dance piece. The budget of the films or the background of its creators are less important for us. Online submission.


May 24, 2015

CamboFest, Cambodia Movie and Media Festival 2/1/2016
Cambodia’s first international movie festival, CamboFest (est 2007/2550), screens a range of shorts and micro-shorts with selected long form films and videos.  We offer a FREE entry for our ‘Micro Movie’ category – movies under 30 seconds! Other running times eligible as well for modest entry fees.  All the Best from CamboFest! Online submission preferred.

canal town short spooky movie fest

May 23, 2015

canal town short spooky movie fest 9/27/15
campy, spooky, horror, aliens, zombies, evil scientists, serious, boom in the shot, etc. Anything of the like, original works, 7 minutes or less. Honesdale, Pennsylvania. Submit online, dropoff or send by post.

Cairo Video Festival

May 22, 2015
Cairo Video Festival 5/31/15
Medrar for Contemporary Art is accepting applications for the 7th Cairo Video Festival, which will take place in December 2015.Initiated by the Cairo-based artist initiative Medrar for Contemporary Art in 2005, this festival continues its focus on providing a platform for sharing and discussing newly produced high concept/low-budget experimental videos and films. Based on a call for works by emerging artists, the festival program takes the format of a concise series of video screenings, accompanied by talks and discussions with active video-makers and curators to tackle some of the key themes and issues presented in the works. Online submission.

Question about where to start when submitting to festivals

May 18, 2015

I just received this message from George: “Hi, I’m an Independent Producer/Director film maker….. I want to apply to enter my Short Films into as many International Film Festivals…. I think your website and concept of noentryfeefestivals is fantastic.
What do you think is the best way for me to start entering?”

Hi George- and everyone else… :)
Thanks for the kind words about the noentryfeefestivals blog. My advice is first to get yourself organized. Most festivals ask for some combination of the same things.These tend to be: the film- a .mov and .mp4 1920×1080 version, Director biography, Director filmography, 3 stills, Director photo, synopsis, running time. (occasionally artist statement)

My advice is this:
1. Make a Vimeo account. Upload to Vimeo w/password. (youtube would probably work) Vimeo has recommendations on file sizes and formats. I typically upload an mp4. Do this ahead of time. Murphy’s law.
2. Make a dropbox account. Upload a Quicktime 1920×1080 (H264 compression) HD to Dropbox. Many festivals follow up by asking for this after they have selected your file from dropbox. (other services such as google drive could work)
3. When you submit to the first festival and type in the following, bio, filmography, synopsis, copy and paste these into a word document or email document to yourself. Likewise, as you gather the images, stills, photo of you and versions of the film, put them in a folder together with the word document. This way you can copy and paste into the submission form.
4. Start on noentryfeefestivals with the current month’s deadlines or the ongoing. Find a way to keep track of the ones you apply for through a word doc, sticky notes, excel.
5. Use a submission platform such as filmfreeway, festhome, WAB, etc. Once you load your project, most sites let you determine the fee (you can start with no fee or 0, depending on the platform) From there, you can add to the cart and check out. Fest home charges at minimum a couple euros to submit to free festivals, but they have an annual pass option, filmfreeway does not charge anything to submit to free festivals. But once you have created a project file and uploaded your films, stills, and filled out the info on the submission platform you don’t have to re-upload or fill out any more forms, you can pretty much just log in, search, add to cart and checkout.

Hope this helps. If anyone has anything to add- I would love to hear it.


Some new opportunities

May 18, 2015

CineFringe 6/19/15
After 5 years at the Edinburgh Fringe, CineFringe is touring it’s 2015 festival around the UK – London, Bristol and beyond. We’re looking for short films of any genre, from anywhere in the world! 20 minute max. Submission Online.

Films of Self 6/29/15
A film installation dedicated to share self documented films on “YOUR” life. Films must be self filmed and edited. Each film submitted will be screened in your own personal box. This box will be 8ft x 9ft, seating at least 4 viewers. Inside this box, you may screen and design your film however you wish. Reserve your box by June 29th 2015. Looking for a total of 40 submissions. That’s 40 boxes! Submission by post.

International Animated Film Festival Tindirindis 8/1/15
Noncomercial International Animated Film Festival “Tindirindis” has been organised in Vilnius in Lithuania each fall continuously since 2003. The mission of the festival is to show the latest animation from around the world covering the spectrum of styles and schools, created both by professionals with years of experience and by art students. We also promote animation as an art without any limits. Submission online or by post.

Locomocion Fest 10/1/15
We are an Experimental Animation Festival held in Mexico City looking for GIF entries for our Exquisite GIF Corpse. The selected GIFS will be shown through the three days of festival where renowned international animators will have access to watch. Submission Online.


Animation Adjunct positions: Central Ohio

May 11, 2015

Animation Adjunct positions: Central Ohio (ongoing)
CCAD is always looking for talented, experienced animators/educators for adjunct positions. Adjuncts are needed to teach introductory, experimental, 2d, 3d animation, and related courses: visual narrative, storyboard, cafe sketch, advanced production classes. We are located in central ohio. Teaching experience and Masters degree preferred. Scroll down on page (link above) for online submission / email form.

Boom Bang II

April 20, 2015

Boom Bang II 4/23/15
Call for artists working with moving image and music in its broadest sense. An alternative Eurovision. info@nncontemporaryart.org. Online submissions.

upcoming may/june deadlines

April 19, 2015

Toronto Animated Image Society Showcase 5/15/15
TAIS supports independent animators as artist and encourages research and creation by facilitating affordable access to space and equipment. Any frame-by-frame or computer-assisted animated film or video completed within the last 2 years may be entered. Films less than 10 minutes in length. DVD or online submission.

Voices from the Waters Festival 5/30/15
Voices from the Waters invites you to be part of the festival by contributing short, documentary, animation and feature films on water and related issues. Voices from the Waters is conceived as a travelling film festival. The selected films after being premiered in Bangalore will be taken to educational institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations, small towns and villages across the world followed by discussions. categories: Water Scarcity, The Dams and the Displaced, Water Harvesting/conservation, Water Struggles/Conflicts, Floods and Droughts, Global Warming and Climate Change, Impact of Deforestation on Water-Bodies, Water, Sanitation and Health, River Pollution, The Holistic Revival of Water Bodies, Water and Life. Please note that the categories are flexible and your film does not have to necessarily adhere to them while focusing on the larger theme of water. DVD submission.

InShadow 5/31/15
International Festival of Video, Performance and Technologies. Genres: Videodance, Documentaries, Performance/solos, Installations. Online submission.

Uppsala International Short Film Festival (Sweden) 05/31/15
click button for english. Uppsala International Short Film Festival has since become Sweden’s premier arena for short film, having attained both national recognition of the Swedish Film Institute and genuine international renown. In addition, the festival is the most important international cultural event in Uppsala. Every year the festival shows more than 300 short films in five different sections exploring the diversity and richness of the short film – from new film to retrospective programmes, from fiction film, documentaries and experimental film to animations. Upload at short film depot site.

Milano Film Festival 5/31/15
An international feature and short film competition. The feature film competition is open to first and second films of any genre, language, format and running time. The short film competition is open to films of any genre, language and format, provided that they were completed after January 1st, 2013. The works will not be divided into categories. Short films under 30 minutes with directors under 40 years. Each filmmaker can send three short films and/or two feature films at most. Online submission. Link to film,

enRoute Film Festival 5/31/15
The festival is open to all emerging Canadian filmmakers. You must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. You must have been a student attending any formal (university or college) film studies institution or receiving informal training in film studies (production courses, workshops, apprenticeships, mentorships in media arts production) anywhere in the world. Maximum 15 minutes. Submit Vimeo link.

Semaine de la critique (Switzerland) 5/31/15
Eligible are documentaries or films documentary in character of at least 61 minutes running time which: are intended for theatrical release, have been completed after autumn of the previous year and are shown as world and/or international premieres. online submission.

2Annas (Latvia) 05/31/15
International Competition is open to contributions by filmmakers of all age groups and nationalities, produced by professional individuals, international film schools, film studios, etc. Admitted are all films and videos of all genres not exceeding a length of 30 minutes. DVD or online.

25 FPS Experimental Film / Video 05/31/2015
We are looking for expressive original concepts, progresses in terms of theme, idea and aesthetics, as well as works that perpetuate the tradition of avant-garde and experimental film. Innovative films that explore the possibilities of cinematic language, narration and the medium itself, cross film types and genres and broaden the notion of film as art. Under 60 minutes. Submissions can be made via link or DVD.

Chicago International Children’s Film Festival 5/31/15*
*Free submission for youth category/entries only, scroll down for info. The “Young Filmmaker” categories are for films produced by youth ages 18 & younger. Films considered for this category must be conceived and produced by children or youth with minimal adult input. (An adult supervisor is allowed if part of a group project.) There is no entry fee for Young Filmmakers. Entry form by mail with link or DVD (has to arrive by deadline).

Black Star Youth Film Festival 5/31/15
The Youth Program is open to filmmakers who identify as black under 24 years old. Films (or excerpts) should not exceed 20 minutes. Link.

WNDX (Winnipeg) 06/01/2015
seeks new Canadian and international films and videos. WNDX pays special attention to the most innovative and ground-breaking works created by moving image artists. Submission by DVD or weblink.

Lausanne Underground Film and Music Festival (Lausanne, Switzerland) 6/30/15
LUFF opens the call for entries to anybody who desires submitting his/her creation. The festival is dedicated to promoting and discovering innovative films and musicians who  don’t benefit from traditional distribution channels. Offering a program of exceptional films and music, the LUFF is a cultural event without comparison in the Swiss cultural landscape. The international competition is composed of the following sections: Short fiction, Short experimental, Short animation, Feature Films. For its 12th edition, the LUFF wishes to organize a Swiss film competition. This competition aims to give a (new) visibility to bold Swiss creations, existing outside the preoccupations for profitability, public impact or artistic conventions: The film you have never dared or were never able to show. Submit your darkest or most radiant film, the most daring or the most personal film, the film you have never shown to anyone or that has provoked such radical reactions that you have never again dared showing it to anyone.


April 18, 2015

Animago 6/30/15
Films using 3D computer animation. Still and Film category. Each year, the animago AWARD provides a showcase for the inspiring creativity and outstanding technical performance of artists from all over the globe. Online submission.


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