October 29, 2014

Passenger Bar (Brooklyn, NY) ongoing
Monthly Short Film Competition. Submit your short film or music video, under ten minutes, for Passenger Bar’s film competition! We will be choosing 8-10 short films for judging in the first hour and up to 10 music videos to be a separate competition afterward. Email a YouTube or Vimeo link of the short to for consideration. You will then need to bring the .mov file, nothing too large, for viewing the night of the event.

Deadlines added for today…

October 25, 2014

Mountain Pico Festival (Portugal) 10/25/14
We accept films with a “mountain theme” or setting. You can send via email or via the film festival sites: FestHome or Film Festival Life (look on right sidebar for submission links). Submit email or online platform.

World Film Festival (Estonia) 10/25/14
World Film Festival is an event dedicated to the documentary cinema. The festival develops interest towards anthropological, analytical approach to cultures and societies, welcoming documentary film entries from all over the world. Our film program turns attention to cultural exchange as well as representations of other cultures and everyday life across the world. Submit online screener.

Festivals added

October 14, 2014
Mumbai Screamfest 10/18/14
MUMBAI SCREAMFEST is a short horror film festival(short films below 5 minutes of duration). online submission.
Immense Possibilities 11/13/14
We welcome your submission of a 3-4 minute film on an “immense possibility” for a weekly regional PBS series. Online Submission.
Immense Possibilities 2/15/14
We welcome your submission of a 3-4 minute film on an “immense possibility” for a weekly regional PBS series. Online Submission.

Strawberry Shorts Film Festival

October 5, 2014

Strawberry Shorts Film Festival (UK) 04/18/15
online submission form, then send in DVD with permission slip
Films can be of any genre but should be less than 20 minutes long.

November festivals added

October 3, 2014

Prague Short Film Festival 11/1/14
A competitive Festival of short films. Its aim is to contribute to the development and promotion of artistic short films and their production. Submit link to film online or DVD by mail.

24 hours of Nuremberg 11/15/14
A 24 hour festival. The name of the festival is also the agenda! Short films will be shown nonstop. Submit film by mail.

Chicago Palestine Film Festival 11/15/14
The Chicago Palestine Film Festival (CPFF) exhibits and promotes films by Palestinian directors and films about Palestine.  CPFF is dedicated to presenting a film festival that is open, critical, and reflective of the culture, experience and vision of the filmmakers. Submit online form, stills and DVDs (2).

Demonic Chronic

October 3, 2014

Demonic Chronic Film Festival (DCFF) 12/1/14
Presents the best in stoner films to film lovers from across the United States of America. Eagerly welcoming both fictional and documentary projects, DCFF champions the stoner genre defying storytelling that advances positive messages related to Cannabis. The festival bestows a variety of showcases Feature Film, Feature Documentary, Short Film, and Short Documentary.At DCFF, there are numerous ways to be recognized, but they all begin with a stellar submission. Send your best stoner cinematic achievement to DCFF today, and become a valuable part of this inaugural celebration. Submit online- use contact form.

Festival deadlines coming up soon

September 20, 2014

Inferno Pizzeria llc Short Film Festival (Slippery Rock, PA) 09/26/14
All genres. Anyone can enter. Films 3-8 minutes long. Submit by mail.

Trieste Science+Fiction (Italy) 09/26/14
Trieste Science+Fiction – Trieste International Science-Fiction Festival – is a multidisciplinary event devoted to exploring the realms of the “fantastic” genre, the use of new technologies and experimental languages in film, television and visual arts.
The main purpose of Trieste Science+Fiction is to represent and promote, in Italy and its neighbouring countries, “fantastic” productions from all over the world, focusing particularly on science- fiction and fantasy cinematographic and audio-visual works. Submit DVD.

Dieciminuti Film Festival, Ceccano, Italy 09/30/14
Festival, created in 2005 by IndieGesta , was able to quickly become one of the events dedicated to short films most important in Italy. The main aim of the Festival is to present short movies, animated movies and social spots. Submit DVD or online through: Movibeta, Festhome, Uptofest, or Click for Festival platforms.

Stilless, & the Moving Image, Wellington, New Zealand 09/30/14
Create a short film between 30 seconds and two minutes long on the topic of ‘stillness’.

ZZUB Fest, Wolverhampton, United Kingdom 09/30/14
Shorts between 3-10 minutes, genres: pulp, trash, cult, sci-fi, horror, gore and B-Movie. You can enter a film, a pop video, an advert, a trailer, animation – anything new and original within the genres. ZZUB expects all film makers to use their own integrity in using non-copyright material in their films and will accept no responsibility for non-compliant filmmakers. DVD submissions.

Trieste film festival, Trieste, Italy 09/30/14
International Features, Documentaries and Shorts.

Festivals just added…

September 20, 2014

The following festivals were submitted by, and are posted on the Click for Festivals Website. They are no fee festivals, but there are fees to use the Click for Festivals submission site.

best of luck,



Nasicae Short Movie Festival 9/30/14
The authors will be requested to focus their works on one main subject, sport, and all related issues, such as love, hard work, sacrifice, determination, discipline, friendship, doping, race, disability, injury, teamwork, victory, fellowship, etc. expressed through the sections established in the call, including documentaries, dramas and docudramas. Competition entries will go from 5 to 30 minutes. SPORTmovie: Works must have the sport as a subject or any subject related to it. ShortOFF: The Festival, however, is willing to reward even the shorts off the festival subject, that will be admitted to compete for the Best Short off award. ShortYOUNG: Will accept short films about childhood and youth to the BEST SHORT / medium length (about childhood) MENTIONS OF HONOR (plaque) We accept short films with subtitles in English, French and Italian. Should send the selected version with subtitles in ITALIAN. Submit online.

Certamen de Video Joven de Irun 10/10/2014
Open to filmmakers of any nationality born between 1979 and 1996, with works produced after July 1, 2013. Each filmmaker may submit up to 2 short. Applies only to short fiction contest, which may be submitted in any language, with a maximum of 20 minutes each.+ Short films: The theme will be free, treated from the particular look of the author (experimental, short, video, video art …). This section is open to filmmakers of any nationality born between 1997 and 2000. Each contestant may submit one work, which may be submitted in any language, not to exceed 3 minutes long, with no need to include credits. The short may be made with: video camera, photo, mobile, webcam, etc … Bidasoa region: Only for filmmakers of the region. Spanish subtitles are mandatory. Submit online Click for Festivals.

The festival accepts international entries. Short film length: From 7 to 30 minutes. If language is different to Spanish work must have Spanish subtitles. Year of production: From 2004 till date. Contest categories: Animation, Documentary, Fiction. Submit online through Click for Festivals.
Works (features and short film) produced any year and any language are accepted. Submit online.

Deadlines approaching soon

September 19, 2014

Gijon International Film Festival 9/20/14
Aims to present the newest trends of young cinema worldwide. Films made by or for young people but, above all, films that reflect creativity, independence and innovation. DVD free to submit.

Listapad Film Festival 9/22/14
Movie studios, TV companies, distribution companies, independent producers and others may participate in the Festival. DVD.

Ravenna Nightmare Film Festival 9/23/14
We evaluate features, animations, documentaries, etc. belonging to horror, sci-fi, thriller, fantasy, fantastic genre in its broadest sense, related to the “nightmare” topic. Online Entry Form.

Little México Film Festival (Chicago) 09/30/14
It’s fairly simple.  LiMe Film Fest has two main components.  The first is an ongoing film festival where your 45 minute (or less) short film may be selected for screening at various venues.  The second part is a student competition where the winning 5-minute short films based on this year’s topic, gentrification, will be chosen and highlighted.

Portsmouth Short Film Night

September 18, 2014

Portsmouth Short Film Night (New Hampshire) 10/10/14
The next Portsmouth Short Film Night is happening in Thursday October 30 at Portsmouth Public Media, 280 Marcy Street, Portsmouth, NH and we want to show your film! We’re looking for shorts of any genre (or un-genre) from independent filmmakers interested in screening their film to an audience. That’s why you made it, right? We are particularly looking for films with a spooky feel for our Hallowe’en Special! The night is a free event, open to anyone who enjoys watching shorts and talking film. It’s all about getting filmmakers together to show off their work, have fun, meet like-minded people, and maybe even be inspired. If that sounds like your cup of tea, why not send us your film? Online submissions.


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