60 Second Intl. Film Festival

60 Second Intl. Film Festival (Pakistan) 11/30/15
60 Second Intl. Film Festival is a celebrated initiative directed at building the creative capacity of filmmakers, and providing them with a platform to showcase their talents. The platform attracts filmmakers from all over the world to step up and ‘film’ their thoughts, stories, ideas & opinions in just 60 seconds. Our venture has included screenings both, across Pakistan, and internationally at Open Space Nepal, Delhi International Film Festival in India, AIESEC Blida in Algeria, the USIP headquarters in Washington DC and Harvard University in Boston, USA. Online Submission.

january additions

Chicago Feminist Film Festival 1/4/16
The Chicago Feminist Film Festival (CFFF) aims to link art and social issues while showcasing independent fiction, documentary, and experimental short films. Festival programming endeavors to address issues of gender, race, sexuality, and other forms of inequality often missing from mainstream media, while celebrating work by people currently underrepresented in media fields. Online submission.

Animatricks Animation Festival 1/31/16
Founded in 2000, Animatricks is the only Finnish film festival focusing on animation. The New Finnish Animated Shorts Award has been handed out since 2005. The festival is organized by the non-profit association Palikka ry. Animatricks Animation Festival presents annually an interesting selection of international animated film gems and showcases the newest Finnish animation. The festival serves as a forum for animators and a meeting place for everyone interested in animation. online submission.

New updates

I’ve just added some deadlines to the November, December and January listings. Apologies if I overlooked a fest that now charges a fee. With that or anything else, I would appreciate if you could please let me know in the comments.
as always-best of luck,

Chicago Palestine Film Festival 11/14/15
The Chicago Palestine Film Festival (CPFF) exhibits and promotes films by Palestinian directors and films about Palestine.  CPFF is dedicated to presenting a film festival that is open, critical, and reflective of the culture, experience and vision of the filmmakers.

New Vision Film Festival (Ukraine) 11/15/15
Imagination, genre variety, shocking plots, unexpected upshots, brevity, brilliant actor game, visual sophistication, authorial style – all these are the distinguishing features of the New Vision International Film Festival program. Festival presents a competition. The audience chooses the winners of different nominations by means of an independent voting. A festival of films that remain in your heart forever. Send DVD with entry form.

Landshut Short Film Festival 11/15/15
Competition categories: Short film competition for films from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. international Horror, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Mystery or Thriller Short Film. International Animation Short Film. Online Entry.

BUFF Filmfestival 11/15/15
The international film festival for children and young people in Malmö, Sweden. Submit online or by post.

Watersprite: The Cambridge International Student Film Festival 11/22/15
Animation, Documentary, Fiction. Films under 20 minutes. Some travel assistance. Limit of first 300 entries. Online submission.

DOCUDAYS UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival 11/30/15
Docudays UA International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival is held annually in the last week of March in Kyiv. On completion, Docudays UA traditionally presents the best movies in the regions of Ukraine within the Docudays UA Travelling Festival. Online screener or DVD.

ClujShorts International Short Film Festival 11/30/15
A cultural event that takes place annually in Cluj Napoca, Romania. ClujShorts  is an event fully owned and organized by Persona Association and aims at establishing itself as a major international festival, while continuing to act as a platform for showcasing excellent works from around the Globe, and simultaneously contributing to the development and growth of the regional industry and talent. Online file transfer: weTransfer, dropbox, etc.

Next International Film Festival 11/30/15
The competition is reserved to fiction short and medium length films (maximum duration 60 minutes), completed not earlier than the two previous years to each edition. Online submissions.

Immense Possibilities 12/1/15
We welcome your submission of a 3-4 minute film on an “immense possibility” for a weekly regional PBS series. Online Submission.

Spirit Enlightened Film Festival 1/30/16
To briefly share with you, the upcoming festival will integrate all four themes of the festivals which have been offered so far: We Speak, Here; Humanity Explored; Green Unplugged; and Spirit Enlightened. Below you may learn about the themes of this festival: We Speak, Here Humanity Explored Green Unplugged Spirit Enlightened

Upcoming opportunities

WAM! Boston Film Festival 11/6/15
Our festival is all about screening quality films by and about women. We are seeking the best in up and coming female talent both in front of and behind the camera to be a part of an event celebrating women in film. online or by post.

Taiwan International Documentary Festival 12/10/15
Founded in 1998, Taiwan International Documentary Festival, TIDF, based under Taiwan Film Institute, is one of the major professional platforms for documentaries in Asia, looking for documentaries that are creative, relevant to social and human interests, and have unique points of view. For the past 18 years, we devoted ourselves to bringing independent points of view, creative spirits and the care of humanity to our audiences. TIDF takes place every two years and screens more than 130 films and holds many events, attracts over 25,000 attendances of audience every edition. The 10th TIDF will be held during May 6-15, 2016. online.

Animafest Zagreb 2/1/16
World Festival of Animated Film – Animafest Zagreb invites you to submit your films for the 26th edition of the Festival, taking place 6-11 June 2016 in Zagreb.
All short and feature animated films completed after 1 January 2015 are eligible to apply via an online application form.

Some updates to monthly listings

Hi all- More festivals are starting to open up their call for entries. I will update periodically. If you have a festival you would like me to post, send me an email at: noentryfeefestivals(at)yahoo.com or use the submission form on this site. As well, if you see an error on the site, feel free to contact me as well.
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Imagine Film Festival (Netherlands) 1/01/16
Imagine calls on filmmakers working within the fantastic genre to submit their work. Short films: Maximum length 30 minutes (25 minutes to be included in the Méliès competition), Rough cuts and works in progress are accepted. DVD or link to an online platform.

Vienna Independent Shorts Film Festival 01/06/16
VIS is all about international and national short films, always capturing experiences in and outside of the cinema, presenting the new and old in a lively way, showing connections within. The festival presents films in five competition sections – Fiction & Documentary, National Competition, Animation Avantgarde, National & International Music Video Competition. Online submission.

International Animation Festival Chilemonos  (Chile) 01/08/16
Animations made with traditional techniques, vector, 2D, 3D, cut out, stop motion, mix or experimental. The shortfilm must be Spanish spoken or subtitle to Spanish, for the preselecting stage. DVD or Vimeo link.

CPH PIX 1/11/16
Feature films in all genres and music documentaries are eligible. First features and Danish features: Free of charge. IMAGES 2016 – Films from Ghana, Mali, Burkina Faso, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Palestine, Egypt, Nepal, Vietnam, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Pakistan (free of charge). NOTE: Entry fee for all other films. DVD.

Video Jam

Video Jam ongoing
Hailed as “one of Manchester’s most innovative nights” (Manchester Wire), Video Jam is an ongoing series of unique, experimental events which seek to explore and re-­examine the relationship between moving image and live sound. Video Jam is always open for submissions. We rely on them to run our events.  What we’re looking for: Anything from animation to live action, artist moving image to collage, music videos to text based film. As your work will be live scored, we find films without spoken dialogue work best, but try us! Preferably 5 – 20 minutes in length. Email submissions.

Strawberry Shorts Film Festival

Strawberry Shorts Film Festival (UK) 04/16/16
Cambridge Strawberry Shorts is a well established and respected short film festival run under the umbrella of Cambridge Cinema Shorts. The festival is an important event in the Cambridge City calender. It enjoys national support and has international recognition. Each year we try to add a little extra, keeping it fresh and alive, and encouraging continued interest with year round supporting events. There will be two awards presented, The Judges Award and The Audience Award. Films can be of any genre but should be less than 20 minutes long.The winners will be announced at the end of the festival and the winners presented with La Fraise d’Or.online submission form, then send in DVD with permission slip.

Recent Additions

We Care Film Fest 01/15/16
The WE CARE Film Fest is held annually to raise awareness about disability issues, dispel misconceptions and prejudices about persons with disabilities and drive attitudinal and behavioural change. This year, the selected short films and documentaries will also be screened in France, Iran, Kuwait and Oman.  Online or by post. (preferred)

The WE Film Festival 3/21/16
We’re an open concept, multi-media festival in Maastricht, Netherlands. For the first time, this year, we are hosting a Film festival!  We’re going to do a three day long film marathon in multiple locations in the city with an opening & closing, a viewer’s award and Q&As for all the films we can.  We are open to any sort of genre, as far as the story you’re telling is well told and fluent with the mood of the festival as a whole. Online submissions.

January additions

Crossing Europe (Linz, Austria) 1/05/16* European or Austrian only
Two categories: Feature-length films (fiction or documentary) from Europe. A film is considered European, if either director, producer or the story are based in an European state/region, and films and videos by local artists in Austria.

MediaWave International Film Festival 01/10/16
“ANOTHER CONNECTION” expects the applications of artists, whose individual way of creation is independent of fashion streams; for whom technique is the means not the purpose; who attempt to create an individual film code set – whether they live in a minority group or in a less exposed part of the world. We want a festival where an abundance of original, new and particular views will play a major role instead of exotic productions and tricks; where artists with different ways of thinking and free thoughts will come together.

Aahān 2016

Aahān 2016
ISF is the International Short Film event of Aahān 2016. It is a pre-submission event. The categories for ISF are fiction, non-fiction and animation. Maximum 15 minutes including credits English subtitles. Only one entry is allowed by one participant/contingent. Out of the 3 categories the entry should fit under one category only. The submission of short film should be done by drive or YouTube link.