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December 11, 2014

DAMN Film Series

November 21, 2014

DAMN Film Series (NYC) 11/22/14
brand new series curated by Polyphony Creative founders Phil Newsom and Lanie Zipoy. Films will screen at NYC’s Theaterlab. Currently Seeking Short Films for our monthly programming (January – June 2015). (1) For January, we are looking for films 20 minutes and under that deal with a fresh start. Topics can include a new year, a new love, a resolution of some kind, etc. (2) For February – June, we are seeking short films 20 minutes and under with a strong, fresh point of view. We named our company Polyphony Creative because polyphony means many voices; independent, yet melodious. Women filmmakers, filmmakers of color, and filmmakers from NYC, Denver & Memphis are strongly encouraged to apply. All shorts will be viewed and given thorough consideration. Only One Film Per Filmmaker, please. Please submit an online link of your film along with a press kit and/or background information on your film to: polyphony(dot)creative(at)outlook(dot)com

Guest Editorial, Simon Mullen and John Clements of Cambridge Cinema Shorts

November 18, 2014

Hi all,
Recently I shared a post about online submission platforms. I did send a question, out of curiosity, to Simon Mullen, of Cambridge Cinema Shorts, about their choice to accept films on DVD. Since this is not my area of expertise, I knew I would learn something by asking.

As a followup to all of that, Simon and John Clements have written the following guest editorial. I appreciate the time they have given to share their perspective, and, as always, the support they give to filmmakers.  Please feel free to respond in the comment section below.

we are all in this together,



Recently we have been coming under increasing pressure from filmmakers to accept a download rather than for them to mail a DVD plus hard copy permission slip to our festival office.

Please find below the reasoning behind our submissions policy . . .

Online Submission Platforms. A critique . . .

The Cambridge Strawberry Shorts Film Festival is a free to enter film festival with no grant aid and dependent entirely on its audience. We are also a year round exhibitor of films at non-competitive entertainment and educational events, showing a host of quality shorts, with filmmaker permission, to enthusiastic audiences. These are taken from our DVD archive of festival entries going as far back as 10 years.

Our archive is critical to our year round operation. It must be reliable and secure with no barrier to use. Submission Platforms and Video Hosting Services are inadequate to this requirement. Submission Platforms do not provide long term storage without continuing payment and Video Hosting Services are outside of our control. The persistence of their links cannot be relied on.

“Download and store them on hard drives” you say. Which is fine but storage drives would be a continuing cost with a much shorter shelf life than a DVD. Therefore it would mean charging filmmakers considerably higher entry fees than the cost of posting us their entries.

Nothing comes free and this includes the use of Submission Platforms. Some charge the filmmakers, others the festivals. Some charge both! And if there are some that are ‘doing it for free’, well they are most certainly selling your data and having control over your work.

Online submissions are ‘green’ and DVDs are not. The most recent and most spurious claim thrown at us. What utter nonsense! Just because you cant see the huge and unsustainable footprint of the internet, does not mean its not there. And are hard drives plus at least two levels of backup, cheaper, greener and less damaging to the environment than a DVD? A DVD made on a computer you almost certainly already own. But what of the environmental impact of the envelope, delivery etc you say. Well  probably less than the kettle you have just boiled and it gives post people a job.

Then we come to ‘The Cloud‘ imagined by many to be some fluffy magical space that cost nothing and where we could keep your work for ever. In fact it is a vast collection of colossal air conditioned warehouses, each packed with machines sucking enough power, to run a small town. Plus, for any serious, long term user demanding a never ending fee. Yes, and we know that some storage facilities claim that they run on ‘green energy’ which is fine when the sun shines and the wind blows but these facilities require a constant and heavy supply and are certainly still relying on nuclear and fossil fuels to keep running.

And to cap it all we have just read a comment from a no entry fee festival organiser that submission platforms are great because, although they have only been open for submissions for a few weeks they have had over 500 entries and rising! Now all they have to do is watch them all. Good luck!

We give our film submissions the consideration they deserve. A dedicated viewing committee, serious evaluation of work and our (real) audience, quality. How anyone expects a serious (free) festival to view thousands of films has no idea of the process, work and dedication involved in properly assessing a film and programming the event.

It takes little talent to keep pressing the submissions button, sending out video’s of the holiday. Online submissions are turning this side of the industry into just another YouTube. A receptacle of low grade tat but one where some poor soul has to wade through this swamp of rubbish to find the gems still hidden within.

We like to think that anyone with anything worth screening will be prepared to buy a stamp and post a letter.

Cambridge Cinema Shorts http://cinema-shorts.org

{The views expressed in this article are that of Cambridge Cinema Shorts and do not necessarily reflect those of noentryfeefestivals.com.}

Recent additions

November 18, 2014
The below festivals were submitted to my blog recently. Just a reminder, if you run a festival or have a screening opportunity, please use the link on the left sidebar to go to the submissions page.
best of luck,
One Minute Film & Video Festival Aarau  2/28/15
The One Minute Film & Video Festival Aarau shows hundreds of shorts up to 60 seconds from all around the world! Your film should not exeed 60 Seconds and should not be older than 2 years. You can submit films in 4 Categories: 1. Fiction/Documentary, 2. Art/Experimental, 3. Animation, 4. Youth/U20. Online submission.

Enhanced Vision- Digital Video

November 18, 2014

Enhanced Vision – Digital Video 12/10/14
Enhanced Vision – Digital Video will be an online international survey of today’s most exciting and innovative digitally-enhanced video art works, presented by the ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Art Community (DAC). This exhibition will focus on digital methodologies that enhance the moving image, and how these effects can reveal specific meaning and content. Each work selected will bring its own unique, artistic style to reveal socially significant issues. Digitally enhanced video, using open source, individually coded, or commercial software, has the capability to reveal what the camera alone cannot capture. The resulting enhanced vision reveals inventive ways of expressing significant, socially relevant ideas that bring what otherwise would not be possible to online audiences.

January updates

November 17, 2014

Hi all-
I am waiting for several festivals to open their call for entries. Here are a couple that are accepting submissions for January.

best of luck,



Vienna Independent Shorts Film Festival 01/04/15
VIS wants to create tension and encourage fantasies, pique people’s curiosity and incite discussions, in short: generate the desire for short films. No matter if fiction or documentary films, animated or experimental work – at best, the experience of watching a film doesn’t end with the credits rolling and the festival represents enrichment for both the local audience as well as international short filmmaking. reel port.com submission.

VAFI- International Children and Youth Film Festival (Croati) 1/20/15
note: must arrive by feb 1st to receive consideration. VAFI is a film festival for animated films made by, or for children or youth under 18 years. Vafi Senior is a category of films made for children, by students, professionals, etc. Submit online or by post.


More deadlines, and a question..

November 16, 2014

Hi all- recently I posted an opportunity that was submitted to my blog. It was an opportunity for still photography. Thinking it was related, I posted it for those who might also create photographs. I noticed a comment this morning telling me to “please take it down”. While I can appreciate the point of view that I have a focus on this site, is it so offensive if I occasionally post other related opportunities? Just curious, as there are sometimes contests or challenges that may not be specifically festivals, but opportunities. I welcome your thoughts.

best of luck,


Independent Days (Germany) 12/31/14
No specific guidelines regarding running time, genre or format. However, the production costs of the films must not exceed 2.500 Euro per minute of running time. We will differentiate between the categories “No Budget” and “Low Budget”. Regular deadline is 10/31, movies submitted between 1st of November and 31st of December 2013 are out of competition. They might be shown if there is a timeslot available. DVD submission. Note: 2014 Entry Form link is in center of page.

Istanbul Film Festival 12/31/14
The Festival features a thematically specialized international competition, provides a showcase for recent Turkish film productions, and thus represents a rewarding medium where Turkish and foreign filmmakers get together. The Festival draws a special interest to classics, presenting retrospective sections within its programs particularly attended by young audiences.
The festival programme comprises sections featuring contemporary fiction and documentary works as well as special focus on animation films.
The industry sidebar Meetings on the Bridge aims at bringing together professionals from Turkey and abroad for coproductions.

goEast film festival 12/31/14
goEast aims to initiate authentic cultural dialogue and exchange – with the festival promoting communication between filmmakers and filmgoers in general, with a Students’ Film Competition targeted specifically at communicative exchange between young directors from East and West, with a Symposium advancing the dialogue between historians and film scholars.

The International Festival of Video Art of Casablanca deadline? (last year it was end of dec.)
The Faculty of letters and sciences Humaines Ben Msik, University Hassan II of Casablanca, organizes the 21st edition of the International Festival of video art of Casablanca which will take place from 22 to 25 April 2015.Les artists and students who wish to participate in this event must send a request to the following address: Bp 7951 Hay Al Baraka Casablanca and by email at majid.seddati1@gmail.com

Anifilm (Třeboň, Czech Republic) 1/15/15
International Festival of Animated Films. ANIFILM competition sections categories are: International Competition of Feature Films; a/ Films for Grown-Ups, b/ Films for Children; International Competition of Short Films; Czech-Slovak Student Competition. Register your film through online form.

Screening opportunity- In Brooklyn, NY

November 16, 2014

Night Of Wonder Short Film Festival and IndieGoGo Launch Party 11/23/14
Do you have a short film you want to screen? The team behind a new web series called Wonder is hosting a night of short films as part of our IndieGoGo launch party on December 6th. This is an opportunity to invite your friends, enemies, collaborators, and professional contacts to see your work for free in front of an audience at no cost to you. There will be no cover charge or ticket for the event. The funds we make are based on beverage sales, so all we ask is that you and your guests drink and make merry! So your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to drink and watch movies with your friends for art. You can do this. We believe in you. We’re looking for short films or music videos that are 30 minutes or less, any genre.
Feel free to submit multiple pieces. Email submissions to wonderwebseries@gmail.com The launch party will be held at Two Moons Cafe in Park Slope, Brooklyn, on Saturday, Dec. 6th, 5-9 PM.

What is Wonder?
In this original web series, ambitious, ignored intern Lucy Chase is drawn into a search for the dark secret of Greyhaven Industries when an accident in her lab gives a visitor superpowers. But as office politics heat up and disagreements arise about how to save the day, Lucy must decide what kind of power she can and should wield herself.

New December posts… just added…

November 15, 2014

ESFF (Russia) 12/01/14
EXTRA SHORT FILM FESTIVAL. Film entries of any genre (narrative, documentary, animation, experimental, etc., 60 seconds or less. Online entry only.

Days of ethnographic film festival (DEF) 12/01/14
Organized by Slovene ethnological society in cooperation with the Slovene ethnographic museum and Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts. The festival has following programs: Student films, Regular program and a Special program. All films and videos dealing with ethnology, anthropology, sociology or cultural studies in a wide sense, made not more than two years before the actual festival DEF, are eligible. Submit DVD and downloadable copy of film.

Viet Film Fest 12/31/14
Feature-length and short productions of any content (not necessarily related to Vietnam or Vietnamese) by persons of Vietnamese descent living anywhere around the world or productions by anyone about Vietnamese people or culture in the following categories: Narrative, Documentary, Experimental, Animatio.

European Media Arts Festival (Germany), 12/5/2014
DVD or online link to YouTube or Vimeo for preview

Ciné-Jeune de l’Aisne 12/10/14
International Film Festival. Categories: Feature film competition, Short animated film competition, Short film competition. DVD by mail.

International Children’s Festival (Montreal) 12/14/14
FIFEM- The Montreal International Children’s Film Festival (better known under its French acronym FIFEM) will hold its 17th edition from March 1st to 9th, 2014. For sixteen years, we have been presenting quality cinema to the young public of Montreal during spring school break!

Davis Feminist Film Festival (California) 12/31/14 DVD submissions
A short film festival. Films shorter than 35 minutes in length. Films submitted to the festival for consideration must meet at least two of the following criteria. Films created with an eye for gender and social justice issues. Films that link local and global issues. Films created by people underrepresented in the media field (women, people of color, queer/transgender, disabled). Films made by people from the Davis/Sacramento area

Göttingen International Ethnographic Film Festival 12/15/15 note: There is no submission fee for entries from East European (non EU) and “Third World” countries. The festival promotes documentary cinema with a special emphasis on new films, videos or interactive media (published after 1.1.2009) dealing with socio-cultural processes in a wide sense of the term. The festival is open to all filmmakers, but especially those coming from an anthropology, sociology, folklore, history etc. background . It provides a great opportunity for international exchange of ideas and co-operation in documentary filmmaking.

Headwaters Film Festival

November 8, 2014

Headwaters Film Festival 1/7/15
The Headwaters Film Festival is a university student run festival with a university/college student competition. All entries must be made while the filmmaker is a college or university student. All films MUST be 10 minutes or less in length and have been completed in the last 2 years. We welcome any type of film! DVD submissions.


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