Festival Submission Sites- short film depot and other submission sites

There are several submission sites- like withoutabox, that allow filmmakers to upload films and create a package that is easily sent to multiple festivals. While withoutabox has a few festivals listed without an entry fee, short film depot and reelport allow filmmakers to upload a film and fill out an entry form, and many of the festivals are free to enter. You do pay a small fee, at reelport- in “reels”, or in the case of shortfilmdepot, in “stamps”, to send along your film. This seems to be less expensive than  (or equivalent to) postage, and it can streamline the process.

Any thoughts?


Festival Silhouette 2013 (Paris, France) 5/17/13
File upload to: shortFilmDepot or DVD screener submission.

Sao Paulo International Short Film Festival (Brazil) 5/31/13
The São Paulo International Short Film Festival aims to promote a greater exchange between Latin American and International production. Having a cultural and non competitive feature, the festival intends to exhibit films that contribute to the development of the short film concerning its aesthetics, specific shape and way of production. File upload to: shortFilmDepot or DVD submission.

shnit International Shortfilmfestival 6/1/13
a transnational film festival simultaneously taking place in ten cities on five continents worldwide. «shnit» is dedicated to celebrating and sharing with audiences the exciting world of short film. File upload to festival site, withoutabox, reelport or: shortFilmDepot (or DVD submission). Note: there are two categories of entry. Both allow film to be in competition, one has a fee, the other does not. The pro category offers feedback on film, the basic category does not. withoutabox, for example, seems to only allow for the paid category.

Sedicicorto International Film Festival Forti (Forli, Italy) 6/5/13
The Film Festival is divided into 3 competitive sections and accepts submissions of any short film produced after 1st January 2011. The maximum running time allowed is 35 minutes (including credits). MOVIE – International Fiction Films, Documentary Films, ANI&LAB – International Animation & Experimental Films, CORTITALIA – National Films of any genre. File upload to: shortFilmDepot or DVD submission.

Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival (Brazil) 6/7/13
Up to 40 minutes in length, of all film genres, on the final format of 35 mm, 16 mm or a digital media. shortfilmdepot.com.

Off-Courts Trouville (Trouville-sur-mer, France) 6/15/13
All genres are accepted (fiction, documentary, experimental, animation, etc.). All films must be under 40 minutes. shortfilmdepot.com.

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