Vinilonga 2/2/21
We are a friendly festival made with love by filmmakers. We like to think of ourselves as a costume party, changing dress codes every three months. We hold online and live exhibitions in the city of Buenos Aires on specially curated themes based on the entries. The themes vary widely, so we invite you to register with your short film or video clip from any date to participate. You can register with documentaries, fictions, experimental short films, video-dance, video-poetry, animation and any other hybrid work. Surprise us! In addition to the audience award for the short film chosen by our viewers, Vinilonga gives the chosen short films analyses made by directors, curators, critics, artists and other professionals. We want to emphasize our chosen filmmakers, their careers and their artistic choices, so we conduct interviews and promote their work to our audience with special dedication. PLEASE NOTE: No fee for projects from African countries and Argentina.

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