WALLTIME NYC- immediate :)

Hi all-
This is a short turnaround, as I just received it yesterday, but if you haven’t checked out Walltime, it is a cool iphone app that allows you to schedule videos to play on a wall in the Bowery in NYC- urban projection in the evening. You can view it in person or through the downloadable app. If you are onsite, you can use the app to hear the sound. If you are anywhere else, you can use the app to view the wall and see the projections through a live view camera (it is pretty cool).
For tonight and tomorrow, if you download the app, you can schedule works to play during a free timeslot from 10-11pm, but it may fill up quickly.
If it fills up, it is worth checking out the other time slots, as the app allows you to schedule your work by picking a time slot and the price is fairly low.
Download walltime App.
In app, choose Bowery location, tab to schedule video (allows access to PUBLIC vimeo, etc) -only one video, less than 5 minutes, per night for this event
Receive confirmation
Friends can view in person, using the app for sound, or they can watch remotely
Screen your videos on Bowery@Houston in NYC July 3rd + 4th between 10:00 – 11:00pm for free!  
Instructions and content specs for this promotion:
• IOS / iPhones only – Android coming this Sept.
• 1 video up to 5 min. long per user / evening
• Must be suitable for general audiences – no pornography, violence, hate speech, etc..
• No commercials / ads e.g. containing prominent branding shown throughout the clip
• “First-come-first-served”
• “Curated”, meaning, that we reserve the right to not accept content for any or no specific reasons (nothing personal!).

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