Factual Animation Film Festival

* Festival charges fees- please note exceptions
FAFF celebrates animated documentary – the only festival of its kind anywhere. Each year, at Ace Hotel London, we screen more than 40 animation and mixed media shorts from around the world to an audience of over 120 industry professionals, students and film fans. Note: free entry to filmmakers resident in Africa (defined as African Union member nations). The code is FAFFRICA. Entry to our Ident competition is free.  However, No Entry Fee Festival readers may use the code FAFF33 for a third off the submission fee.

Factual Animation Film Festival- Ident 10/01/18
Create a “FAFF” video ident / animation sequence. To submit your ident, please email faff.fuss@gmail.com We expect most submissions will be of 5-10 seconds in duration, although especially creative examples of up to 30 seconds are very welcome. EPS files of the FAFF logo and eye can be downloaded here:  https://goo.gl/LxQRSM
You are free to not use the logo and instead create the word/characters “FAFF” in any way you wish. The only rules are that your ident/sequence must contain the text “FAFF” or “FAFF 2018” and involve a blinking eye. The winner will receive a pair of tickets to FAFF 2018 and a bottle of champagne or tea hamper. To submit your ident, please email: factual.animation@gmail.com


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