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Hi all- this post is comprised of the most recent postings sent to me from festival organizers. Le Petit Cannes, has graciously offered a waiver code (making the entry free) for Iran based filmmakers– so only use the code if you are based in Iran, allowing them to apply- due to problems with US banking sanctions. If you are outside of Iran, there is a small fee, but you will be supporting them. I started the blog for filmmakers who could not afford 40-60 fees and could easily spend a few hundred dollars they didn’t really have for just a chance to show their film. Toni Pennacchia, of Womanimation Film Festival, has developed two festivals, Short Short Story Film Festival and Womanimation (featured in this post). Since I often hear, “all the festivals in the US charge a fee”, I want to point out such festivals in the US that do not charge a fee to artists. There are a lot of reasons for fee/no fee, but due to the difficulties involved, I commend the festivals that do not have a barrier to entry.
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Le Petit Cannes 4/20/18* No fee for Iran based filmmakers
Le Petit Cannes is a celebration of small films with big talent. Running parallel to the 71st Festival de Cannes, it is hosted at legendary movie industry hangout and Cannes institution Le Petit Majestic. We present the best in short cinema chosen by and presented to an audience of film and culture sector professionals. The standard submission fee is $4.75 (equivalent to the price of a beer at P’tit Maj). However, we discovered that Iranian filmmakers are unable to participate because of US banking sanctions. We think this is tantamount to collective punishment of artists simply because of where they were born and live. Therefore we’ve waived the submission fee for Iran-based filmmakers. Please visit our FilmFreeway page and use this code: bademjan

Arts Metting in contryside, Theatre, Music, Dance, Video (short cuts), Literature,Fine Arts,
Exebition, concert, talks and workshops.

Womanimation! 2018 Film Festival 6/6/18
What is Womanimation? As the name implies, it’s a festival showcasing acclaimed animated films created by women from around the world. From satire to drama, from the everyday to the surreal – in styles from traditional 2-d to stop-motion to computer animation – the festival features something for every taste. The 2018 festival, the tenth edition, takes place on Saturday, June 30th, at the Amazing Things Arts Center in Framingham, Massachusetts.




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