Hi all,
The past year has been a whirlwind for me, with a lot of changes, including going freelance. I am currently open to projects, collaborations, workshops, presentations and other opportunities, so if you have any ideas, feel free to contact me at noentryfeefestivals(at)yahoo.com with Attention in the subject line. You can view my website at http://www.tracymillerrobbins.com.

After a bit of delay, I am back to updates for the blog postings. Send info about no entry fee festivals that you organize my way, but remember, they need to be free to enter.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome, of course.

Best of luck,

Autumn Shorts Film Festival 4/30/18
Somerset Community College Theatre & Film welcomes submissions of films of no longer than fifteen minutes in length. Selected films will be showcased at the Festival and awards will be presented for outstanding achievements by the official selections. There are no cash awards. Submission of film does not guarantee entry. There is no submission fee. For complete guidelines go to official online form here

Michael Miller and Eric Souther, in conjunction with Charlotte Street, are seeking proposals for new audio-visual collaborative works to be performed by Mnemosyne Quartet during the Kansas City Performing Media Festival (KC PMF). The winning five composers and five video artists will be granted a commission of $100 to collaborate, and create a five to eight minute audio-visual work. The event will take place during Open Spaces, Kansas City’s bi-annual outdoor-indoor contemporary art exhibition. All applicants must consider the material and discursive practices of Object-Oriented Ontology, specifically it’s subsets: Alien phenomenology, Agential Realism, and Posthumanism. Object-Oriented Ontology is a philosophy that maintains objects exist independently of human perception and are not ontologically exhausted by their relations with humans or other objects. Upon consideration of these three philosophical subsets (described below), each composer or visual artist must choose one, on which to focus their work. Miller and Souther will pair composers and visual artists based on their responses to these philosophies and based on their ideal working method.

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