Samawah Cinema

Samawah Cinema (ongoing)
Samawah Cinema is offering a film distribution grant in the form of professional support, to filmmakers. Submissions should be feature films and/or long and short form animations, produced in 2017 that are not currently on any electronic distribution platform. Films should have English subtitles. Samawah Cinema is a cinematic center in Iraq, established by filmmakers, for filmmakers, in 2013. Our focus is short film production, consulting, support for independent films and distribution. We have an established cooperation with festivals in the Arab countries. In 2015, we began allocating distribution, as professional support of filmmakers to distribute films in Arab countries and the continent of Asia. We design and develop posters to market the film. We do not charge a fee, but share 2% of any financial prize. We provide feedback about the film’s progress, acceptance or rejection, through e-mail bulletins. Send the following by email to movie as a password – protected link – Picture of the director, Poster or Image Stills from film- Writing the word “I agree to the distribution”

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