Norwich Underground Film Club

Norwich Underground Film Club 4/20/17
Norwich Underground Film Club provides awesome short film and animation screenings in unique Norwich locations. This May we are returning to the beautiful Anteros Art Gallery courtyard for another alfresco evening of shorts. We aim to combine film and animation, the funny and the beautiful, the short and the reaaally short; to create fun and light hearted evenings out and to provide a platform for films you don’t get to see in any standard setting such as a cinema or on TV. To save our audience from trawling through the internet to find interesting gems, we do the work for you. Our showcases have included films from all over the world as well as our hometown. Please fill in the form and send us a DOWNLOADABLE MOV. FILE OR A LINK TO ONE to this email: Drop Box, WeTransfer, Mega are all good options as are Vimeo and any other new thing we have not heard of yet…

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