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TV One Screenplay Competition 2017 2/16/2017
The TV ONE SCREENPLAY COMPETITION 2017 is meant to encourage and promote the production of creative, contemporary, engaging and relatable screenplays that can be turned into original movies for television. The competition is meant to:
~ Encourage filmmakers to offer a fresh perspective and submit contemporary stories with a focus on the American black cultural experience with wide audience appeal.
~ Encourage filmmakers to creatively center around entertaining, heart-felt and relatable topics that resonate and appeal to African American audiences.
~ Expand upon the genres/formats that tell these entertaining stories. Genres include, but are not limited to comedies, romantic comedies, dramas, and family adventures (submissions should be non-period stories).

Adult Film Festival Lv 3/5/17
Adult Film Festival Lv March 18-19, 2017. Venue: Harry Mohney’s Erotic Heritage Museum. Porn Star and Web Star Exhibitors, Seminars, Museum Experience and Screening of Adult Films. There will be a bounce house, After Party and much more!

Mequinensa International Film Festival 6/30/17
Mequinensa International Film Festival is looking for short films (less than 20 minutes) which water is also a main character or they deal with water-related issues. Mequinensa International Film Festival is an international festival of short films that will be held in Mequinenza (Spain) in September 1-3 2017.


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