ZZUB Fest (United Kingdom) 10/24/16
Films must be no longer than 10 minutes including all credits and titles and bewithin our 7 genres. All films must be in the English language or be presented as a copy with English subtitles. We are currently only accepting MP4 or Quicktime files via email. We will not download from external links. Please include a short summary of the film and a brief biography of key crew/cast, plus a J-Peg publicity still/poster in file format. ZZUB Fest prefers Z films, i.e., Zero budget, or low budget, self-funded independent projects.

Imagine Film Festival (Netherlands) 12/31/16
Imagine calls on short film, animation, documentary, and feature filmmakers working within the fantastic genre to submit their work.

Vienna Independent Shorts Film Festival  1/4/17*no fee for Austrian productions
Only films with Austria as at least one country of production, or with an Austrian director or producer are eligible. We are looking for films of any genre that are open to the world, yet self-contained. Exploratory or reflective approaches to topics in culture, society and politics are as important to us as a certain inner tension that arouses our curiosity and plays with our expectations. The films should touch and inspire us; they may criticize or provoke, and they should challenge us to further engage with the presented images. Content and form should be chosen deliberately and be coherent. Depending on the relevance, script, acting, visual design, sound, editing and the courage to take risks will be taken into account. Finally, the competition program should be representative of the quality and diversity of the Austrian short film. Only music videos with Austria as at least one country of production, or with an Austrian director or producer are eligible. Every year, an immense array of music videos find their way into websites like YouTube or Vimeo. In the competition programs we show a focused selection of those clips that are aware of the interplay between visual and musical level and exhibit a high degree of imagination or a great joy in experimentation. With the Screensessions we set the sophisticated framework for the often neglected perception of these audiovisual miniatures as cinematic art form. The times in which music videos have been seen primarily as a promotional tool for a song are long gone. Instead, we now look for technological innovations, a feeling of aesthetic immediacy and unconventional cinematic & musical approaches.

MediaWave International Film Festival 01/10/17
Films and videos, feature, short fiction, documentary, experimental, animation, dance, music, image/sound experimental works, musical works presented in any form or system may be entered. Any production (film and video) or performances (archaic folk music and rituals or their modern creative interpretations) may be entered that reflect ethnic, religious, musical, sexual and other aspects of small communities, ethnic groups, spiritual or other communities. “Dusty Reels” Films that were once swept away by history’s storms and were not presented due to isolation, political or economic reasons, or only a limited number of people could have seen them but not the general public, or were put back into their boxes after a few showings. We are searching for imprints of disappeared worlds, for films preserving their artistic value despite the passing of time. Special themes: “REFORMation” We expect films that present reforming and renewing endeavours of any groups or religions or stories of restarting people and reformed walks of lives. We still look forward to the reformers of film expression. We also gladly welcome the anti-globalisation and environmental conscious reformers as well as the cultural propagators with new approaches.

Kristiansand International Children’s Film Festival (Norway) 01/15/17
KICFF is Norway’s largest film festival aimed at children and youth. The target group is age 3-19. The festival takes place in Kristiansand, Southern Norway. KICFF accepts features, documentaries, animations and short films from all over the world.

Anifilm (Třeboň, Czech Republic) 1/15/17
International Festival of Animated Films. ANIFILM competition sections categories are: International Competition of Feature Films; a/ Films for Grown-Ups, b/ Films for Children; International Competition of Short Films; Czech-Slovak Student Competition. Register your film through online form.






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