Ohio only- Moving Image Art Review

I’m posting this for a friend, Matt Swift. He organizes this local screening at Ohio State University. You must be from the Central Ohio area to participate. I’m not sure how many people who receive this email, follow the blog or check the site reside in Central Ohio, but please heed that restriction. International films and films outside the state will not be screened. If you have any questions, see the contact information in the link.

Columbus Moving Image Art Review (CMIAR) 9/9/16
Central Ohio Artists Only. Screening for local filmmakers. This show is on Friday, September 23rd at 8pm on OSU Campus. Make sure to visit the submission page to download the form and send your high quality downloadable video link (no youtube links) or DVD at any time up to the deadline. Send in your new or old animations – videos – films, or propose an a/v performance. If it uses light and it moves it is fair game; video, film, animation, documentary, narrative, experimental, student, and professional. We aim to celebrate what central Ohio has to offer with no time constraints, no subject constraints. Central Ohio Artists Only.

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