A few more additions

Here are some more additions to the blog.

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Third Culture Film Festival 7/31/16 * free until this date
TCFF offers everyone involved to be a part of Hong Kong’s first truly international independent film festival. We focus on the Independent because this is a festival designed for the filmmakers, for those who love film for the arts or for the experimental. We are bringing international independent films to Hong Kong and Hong Kong to the international independent film world.

Lightfield 8/1/16
Light Field is a new artist-run film festival located in the San Francisco Bay Area showcasing experimental/avant-garde films with an international focus. We are looking for moving-image work finished on celluloid only (all gauges welcome).

Animasivo 8/10/16
ANIMASIVO Festival was founded in 2008 as the first film festival space focus on the promotion of animated film in Mexico. ANIMASIVO provides a space for both national and international experimental works. The Festival is dedicated to the exploration and explotation of the most experimental and hybrid art of animation, its possibilities in space and its combination with other media.

Bang Awards 9/5/16
The 3rd edition of the BANG Awards – International Animated Film Festival, has “Human Nature” as its inspirational theme. The event is promoted by the Torres Vedras Municipal Council, Portugal and is organized by Nau Identidade – Comunicação e Promoção Turística, Lda. and produced by Slingshot – Comunicação e Multimédia, Lda.






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