Chaco Culture National Historical Park

Hi all-
I was researching festival opportunities and stumbled across this. I don’t specifically cover residencies, but this sounded like such an amazing opportunity for media artists exploring installation, video, etc, that I thought I would pass it along. You would propose and create work on-site. The deadline is tomorrow, but it is brand new and not well promoted, so you have a really great shot. And if you go, let me know how it is. :)
best of luck,

Chaco Culture National Historical Park 7/20/16
A FALL NIGHT SKIES RESIDENCY. For Classic & New Media Artists. WORK IN THE LEGENDARY CHACO COMPLEX. The National Parks Arts Foundation (NPAF) in association with Chaco Culture National Historical Park of the National Park Service now offers a RESIDENCY in northwest New Mexico. Comprising eleven beautifully preserved pueblos or ceremonial structures, Chaco Canyon is the premier site to experience the amazing and mysterious Chacoan culture. This beautiful and isolated complex is the historical trace of the sacred ancestral culture to many of the existing pueblos of the Southwest. The park is also a Dark Skies certified location, one of the ideal places for astronomy, astrophotography and other Night Sky artistic practice. The residency is open to all Classic & New Media Artists. So, Video Art, Installation, Collage, Photo-manipulation, Sound Sculpture, Performance, Dance, Screendance, are encouraged, anything that can free the mind, widen experience and still connect people to the Park experience in tangible and intangible ways. Please email us if you have specific questions about your project. Please note that the October residency is designed to interpret the extraordinary Chaco Night Sky. Your project or artwork must explore the night experience at Chaco.

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