More upcoming deadlines

Lunenburg Doc Fest 4/15/16*
No fee for submission received before April 15, 2016
Lunenburg Doc Fest is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to showcasing documentary films that entertain, educate, inspire and enrich the lives of Lunenburg citizens and visitors. DVD by post or filmfreeway.

Vancouver Queer Festival 4/30/16
We seek work that confronts stereotypes, pushes boundaries, arouses and tantalizes, and above all, highlights the tremendous diversity of queer artists, locally, nationally and internationally. Online or dvd submission.

LIFE AFTER OIL International Film Festival 5/1/16
This festival starts with the intention of overshooting the simple exposure. Although it is important to raise public awareness on the risks connected to the exploitation and to the use of natural resource in the production of fossil fuels, still remains, the enormous and dramatic problem of the disasters caused by the lack of energy, with particular reference to the water supply, highly relevant to the world population. The main objective of the festival will be, therefore, not only emphasizing problems related to the use of fossil fuels, but especially identifying the alternatives which take into account, according to the present scientific knowledge, the several well-known methods of production. Online through Festhome.

Cartoon Forum 2015 (European only) 5/11/16
Only one TV project can be submitted per company. The submitted project must be: An animation project of a minimum running time of 26 minutes, In state of development, European. Online Submisssion.

NBCUniversal Short Film Festival 5/15/16
The producer, writer, and director must be over 18 years of age and a legal resident of the US, able and ready for employment. The writer, director, cast, or theme of the short must be diverse, either: ethnically, culturally, or of a diverse voice or community. Examples of diverse and inclusive backgrounds include: female writers & directors, the LGBTQ community, and performers with disabilities. Short films must qualify under one of the following narrative genres: Comedy, Drama, Horror, or Sci-Fi. Any Docs, Animations or Music Videos are not eligible. Shorts must be 2-20 minutes in length. WithoutABox.

International Kansk Video Festival 5/15/16
International Kansk Video Festival (Russia/Siberia) is not a conventional film festival. It is an experiment in time and space. The small Siberian city of Kansk, was found on the Internet by chance and selected as its name correlates with the Cannes Film Festival, Kansk in the Russian language is pronounced the same as Cannes. The Kansk Video festival has grown immeasurably from it’s 2002 beginnings, each year it hosts an international jury from the industry and artistic communities, running international film and video-art competitions with a special screenings program and a bank of ideas for a further 150 years of the festivals future. The festival promotes new names of independent and uncompromising video and filmmakers, new genres, new cinema trends. online submission.

Asinabka Festival 5/16/16
Asinabka Festival will take place in Ottawa, Ontario.  The Festival is currently seeking works from independent filmmakers, any film or video that tells First Nations, Métis, or Inuit stories, or focuses on international Indigenous issues, is eligible.  Submissions can be in any genre (documentary, drama, animation, experimental etc.) or any length, and must be finished works.  Preference will be given to new works produced within the last two years. Online or by post.

Concorto Film Festival (Italy) 05/25/16
Concorto Film Festival is an exhibition intended for lovers of cinema, both audience and professionals. The purpose is to promote and circulate short films and to and to generate contacts among audience, young directors and professionals.

Student Academy awards 06/01/16
The Student Academy Awards is a film competition conducted by the Academy and the Academy Foundation. Four categories: Animation, Documentary, Narrative and Alternative. Maximum running time is 40 minutes, Electronic submission.

Short Riga (Latvia) 6/1/16
Short Riga thinks that a short film is the natural habitat for the contemporary avant-garde in cinema. It is a format through which the filmmaker explores and experiments. When selecting films for the competition we want to see the filmmaker’s search for fresh stories and images, see them questioning the contemporary trends of cinema or the concept of cinema itself. Online submission.

The Eko International Film Festival 6/30/16
Eko International Film Festival (EKOIFF) is accepting entries to the 6th EKOIFF edition. For a summary of the regulations for the 2016 edition, please visit the EKOIFF website; The Festival accepts films in seven  sections which includes: Feature Film, Short Film, Fiction, Documentaries, Short Documentaries, Horror, Student Film 1 minute. Submit on website.

Schlingel International Film Festival for children and young audience 07/1/16
SCHLINGEL is an independent film festival with international competitions and various additional events. It takes place annually. We conceive ourselves as a platform for international children´s and youth films in Germany.

The Grenada AfterGlow 7/15/16
Note: Free submission only for High School Students. Call for Entries! We’re looking for short films in all categories. Narrative, Documentary, Animation, Experimental, Music Videos, etc. Our spotlight categories are “Feel Good” films and films that “Inspire Positive Change”  High school students submit for free!

Northwest Filmmakers Film Festival (Portland, OR) 08/15/16
Permanent residents of Alaska, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington may submit two works of any length or genre. Student entries (college and university only) must be from a school located in the Northwest.

International Film Festival Tofifest (Poland) 8/15/16
Presentation of trendsetting, ambitious, auteur cinema. The Festival presents a cinema showing independent and bold content, taking up substantial and original subjects, seeking to establish cultural bridges between different regions—geographical as well as social. The Festival discovers talented young artists, both Polish and foreign, and extensively promotes their films. The Festival is open to artists from all over the world. Submit by mail or online platform.

Horror Quest (Atlanta, Georgia) 08/20/16
HorrorQuest accepts all kinds of submission, not just, “Horror”. We are a Horror/Genre festival and you may submit any of the following types of films.Horror, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Dark Comedy, Dark Drama, or Animation of any kind. Submit entry form with DVD.

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