Dear Festival (or other screenings) Organizers

If you have a (noentryfee) Festival, Screening Night or other related event for time based work, you can send me the basic information and I can post it on my site. I don’t charge festivals or film-makers for the listings I provide. While I have an online submission form that goes straight to my email, you can contact me at noentryfeefestivals(at) If you want to send me a post ready to go, please format it as follows:

Festival name (location) deadline date
Festival description.
Online or DVD submission.

include a link to the festival. Also note if the submission is free in certain situations or timeframes. (free to those in a certain area, free to those in a certain locale). Also, if the opportunity is only open to filmmakers from a certain group or region, please specify.

best regards,

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