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Cinema Spectacular II 2/16/15
Please read submission rules before submitting your film!A unique, curated, all-Canadian cinema experience! Short films, music videos, feature film trailers, and webseries content made by truly independent, low-to-no budget filmmakers! Online.

Middle East Talents Awards 3/1/15* site states 4/1/15
Pixelhunters, 3D Artist, The Chaos Group, CG Record and Stylus Copywriting are pleased to announce the 2nd edition of the annual Middle East Talents Awards competition (META) an initiative of Dr. Ani Atanasova (CEO Pixelhunters), established in order to bring to light the enormous untapped and undiscovered creative talent that exists in the Middle East. META seeks participation by all those who possess strong interest in the digital arts, in order that we may recognize flourishing talent and support striving artists by providing them a platform to showcase their creative talents. Artists will enter in their work to the contest to be reviewed by a panel of leaders in the Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) industry, whose criteria for judging submissions will include innovativeness, creativity, and uniqueness. Online.

National Puppetry Festival 4/31/15
The biennial National Puppetry Festival attracts hundreds of puppetry professionals and enthusiasts. Accepted films will be eligible for festival awards. Accepted filmmakers may be offered opportunities for festival presentations. Additional screening or distribution opportunities may be extended to any submitted film. Films should make use of the screen as a stage. Documentaries acceptable. features and shorts produced within the past 5 years. Vimeo or Youtube.

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