Screening opportunity- In Brooklyn, NY

Night Of Wonder Short Film Festival and IndieGoGo Launch Party 11/23/14
Do you have a short film you want to screen? The team behind a new web series called Wonder is hosting a night of short films as part of our IndieGoGo launch party on December 6th. This is an opportunity to invite your friends, enemies, collaborators, and professional contacts to see your work for free in front of an audience at no cost to you. There will be no cover charge or ticket for the event. The funds we make are based on beverage sales, so all we ask is that you and your guests drink and make merry! So your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to drink and watch movies with your friends for art. You can do this. We believe in you. We’re looking for short films or music videos that are 30 minutes or less, any genre.
Feel free to submit multiple pieces. Email submissions to The launch party will be held at Two Moons Cafe in Park Slope, Brooklyn, on Saturday, Dec. 6th, 5-9 PM.

What is Wonder?
In this original web series, ambitious, ignored intern Lucy Chase is drawn into a search for the dark secret of Greyhaven Industries when an accident in her lab gives a visitor superpowers. But as office politics heat up and disagreements arise about how to save the day, Lucy must decide what kind of power she can and should wield herself.

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