10 thoughts on “Festival Submission Platforms

  1. As Festival Director of the Rob Knox Film Festival in London we have decided this year to accept submissions via Filmfreeway. Love the fact that it avoids unnecessary postage to filmmakers although I am a bit concerned that we might find that we don’t get all the info etc we need from filmmakers if they are selected to hit our deadlines. We’ve been open for submissions for just two weeks and have had over 500 already. So so far so good.

  2. Have stopped using WAB and moved everything to Filmfreeway. Better quality, simpler to submit, no complaints so far.

  3. Hi Guys

    Simon from The Cambridge Strawberry Shorts Film Festival here http://cinema-shorts.org

    Ive written my own simple submission system using Google App Script https://developers.google.com/apps-script/ . Google supply this back end IT infer-structure to you for FREE. Its hugely powerful and VERY reliable.

    We are a no entry fee film festival and submission is by online form + mailing a permission slip and DVD to the festival office.

    The system isn’t complicated, just online form submission which populates a spreadsheet + templated submission confirmation/reminder/receipt confirmation and some other stuff. Like a said, not complicated and relatively simple to implement.

    The up shot is that we have complete control over our data, it belongs to us and not a film submission business whose interest wont be the same as ours.

    OK OK the above isnt quite right . . . our date belongs to us, Google and the CIA . . . but Im sure that Google and the CIA can be trusted :)


  4. Without A Box is antiquated, difficult to use and expensive. Every interaction I have with it is unnecessarily complicated, and the interface is terrible. I haven’t used FilmFreeway yet, but I’m excited to try it. I don’t see why anyone should have to pay for a site like WAB – why isn’t it free? I’d be fine with ads, frankly.

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