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Staycation is a temporary gallery exploring alternative curation which will exist for one night in a converted suburban paradise. By offering a vacation from the gallery model, staycation aims to turn a house into a vision of domestic utopia. What are you at home? How often do you floss? Where is your jealous vacation landscape? How often do you wash your sheets? Where do you hide your naughty ______? Do you really recycle? Whats your favorite Hungry Man Dinner? Whats your mirror face? Give us a domestic strip tease and make Staycation your public confessional.

DIY FILM FEST 7 7/31/15
DIY FILM FEST is the first and the only cyclic movie event focusing entirely on counterculture and its creative influence on surrounding reality. DIY FLM FEST expresses affection for cinematography free of formulas, taboos or stylistic conventions. Cinematography that is free in its form and content. Cinematography not depending on box office results, producers’ requirements or spectators’ clichéd preferences.

Mirror Mountain 10/31/15 ****Film submissions of any length are free for locals only
The Mirror Mountain Film Festival (MMFF) brings the very best in independent, underground, and alternative cinema to Canada’s capital. If your film was produced within 100 km of Ottawa, you are eligible to submit it at no cost for consideration in MMFF’s LOCAL HEROES program. You may be asked to provide documentation supporting your claim. Online submission.

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