More deadlines

International Queer Film Festival 7/18/14
About 15,500 people visit every year Germany’s largest and longest-running LGBTIQ film festival. The colourful and comprehensive selection of films includes everything from feature length feel-good movies and documentaries to politically courageous productions and rarely seen experimental projects – allowing everyone the chance to find something to get excited about.

International Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg 7/21/14
A festival for the creative international author´s film with an artistic claim. Only newcomer directors (feature films) may participate at the International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg, i.e. directors who are unknown to an international audience outside their home country. Submitted films must have been completed during the 18 month proceeding the festival, i.e. before November 2014. The minimum length of submitted films is 55 minutes. DVD submission.

Komas Freedom Film Festival 7/30/14
Film submissions with the theme of FREEDOM. What is your Freedom story? Capture it on film and inspire the world with your story. Documentary and Short films. Under 60 mins (longer films will be considered only for non competition screenings). Online screener or dvd.

Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 7/31/14
The official name of The Golden Horse Awards has been changed to “Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival,” which is not only the most important film event in Taiwan, the main activities also extend to four parts – Golden Horse Award competition, Film Festival, Film Project Promotion and Film Academy. The Golden Horse Awards aims at encouraging the development of Chinese-language films. The Film Festival intends for introducing excellent films to Taiwanese audience from around the world to stimulate exchange of ideas and inspire creativity. DVD Screener.


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