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Simultan Festival (Romania) 07/20/2014
The 10th edition of the Simultan Festival will take place between 6-11 October, under the motto TERMS & CONDITIONS’. Simultan is open for submissions of innovative video works, which is related to the theme.- categories: video, experimental video, fiction, documentary, experimental documentary, motion graphics, experimental animation, digital/generative
– number of works: 2 max./ author- duration: 10 minutes max. (each)submit online or by post.

Cinema Vérité (Tehran, Iran) 7/31/14
The festival tries to express the relationship between reality and truth though documentary films. DVD entry.

Vina de Oro Film Festival (Fresno) 7/31/14
We provide a platform for filmmakers to showcase full-length, short, or documentary films. We all know that film plays are a crucial function in the way persons experience culture, and therefore, it is our hope to give artists a venue at Tower Theater to promote and educate a qualified and interested audience.

International Film Festival Tofifest (Poland) 8/14/14
Tofifest is recognised in Poland as the rebellious festival and it is considered to be one of 10 biggest film events in the country.Films can be entered for the following three film competitions: ON AIR International competition. We accept full-length debut films or sophomore films of a given director, provided that they were made after 1st January 2012. SHORTCUT International competition. We accept short films that are no longer than 35 minutes: storylines, documentaries, animations, and experimental short films. It is not required to submit debuts for this competition. FROM POLAND It is a national competition for full-length feature films, made in Poland or co-produced with Poland. It is not required to submit debuts for this competition. Submit by mail or online platform.

Cinefest Sudbury 8/15/14
Calling all Northern Ontario filmmakers! Cinéfest Sudbury is now accepting submission for 2014 CTV Best In Shorts Competition! If you’re an amateur, student or mid-career short filmmaker, you can advance your career, have your work screened to a festival audience and receive exposure in the film making industry! Best of all, finalists will compete for a host of cash prizes in Open and Student categories—prizes that can be used to bring your next great film idea to life.

International Student Film and Video Festival (Beijing) 08/15/14
Accepts the work of students from all over the world. Categories: Fiction, Documentary, Animation, Others Entries may be submitted by participating schools or by individual participants. All entries will undergo a pre-selection process conducted by representatives from each department of Beijing Film Academy. Submission through online site, email or dvd.

Animated Dreams 8/15/14
nternational competition programme of short and medium-length animated films
Non-competitive informative programmes, retrospectives and special presentations
Full-length animations programme. DVD and online form,

Images en vues short film festival 8/15/14
Images en vues short film festival takes place in the Magdalen Islands, Quebec, Canada, a french speaking community. Therefore, we generally ask for french subtitles. If you don’t have any, a dialog list in english (time coded, if possible) would help us generate french subtitles. Genres: Fiction,  Documentary, Animation, Experimental. Submit DVD or private link to film.

FreeNetWorld International Film Fest (Serbia) 09/01/14
We would like to invite filmmakers from around the world to submit their films. Genre: fiction – drama and comedy, documentary, animations, experimental/ music video, Theme: Free Choice. less than 30 minutes in length; subtitled in the English language, unless the dialog is in English. Submit by link in online submission form or DVD.

MADATAC (Madrid, Spain) 9/8/14
Contemporary audio-visual and new media art international festival. MADATAC  is dedicated to divulge Video Art and Audio Visual-Art in all its modalities, any processes of image-sound interaction without exclusion of experimental-expanded cinema, with the aim to disclose to the great public a view of the consolidated video artists and offer a platform for all those emergent video artists with a future projection who contribute with renewing proposals, avoid conventional visual language and does not find their place in other mass media spaces. Send work by post.

Breast Fest- A rethink breast cancer event (Toronto) 9/30/14
e are seeking films about breast cancer and the breast cancer experience, with a focus on younger (premenopausal) women or men.  We are also looking for films that highlight the experience of being a younger person facing cancer or films that offer a unique perspective on cancer.. Submit link to film.





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