Bristol’s first Indian Film Festival 7/30/14
Voices of India is opening up selections for Bristol’s first Indian Film Festival which would take place in UK ( United Kingdom) in the month of September 2014. We are looking for short films made by directors below the age of 18 years to feature in our little directors category. Though, there is no restrictions on theme of the film, but we would love to consider films based on social issues. Online submission.

Twisted Tails Film Festival 10/1/14
Our festival began in 2011 as a fundraising event with a single film (All American Zombie Drugs) being shown over the course of a weekend. In 2013, we ramped things up even more by making this a full blown 3-day horror film festival! We look forward to seeing all the great horror films you guys have made!!! Submit form with link to film.

International Children’s Festival (Montreal) 12/14/14
FIFEM- The Montreal International Children’s Film Festival (better known under its French acronym FIFEM) will hold its 17th edition from March 1st to 9th, 2014. For sixteen years, we have been presenting quality cinema to the young public of Montreal during spring school break!

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