Annual Long Day Short Film Festival  5/21/14
Celebrates the beginning of summer with a presentation of short films on the longest day of the year. The Festival is committed to exposing exciting new short films to wider audiences. Last year’s packed house watched submissions from filmmakers well established in the industry as well as directors and film students just starting out. Films will screen at the gala event  overlooking the San Francisco Bay at Rock Wall Wine Company in Alameda, California. Submit online form with link to film.

KUKI 6th International Short Film Festival for Children and Youth (Berlin) 05/24/14
Festival uses submission site, shortfilmdepot.

WNDX (Winnipeg) 05/31/2014
seeks new Canadian and international films and videos. WNDX pays special attention to the most innovative and ground-breaking works created by moving image artists. Submission by DVD or weblink.

Squeaky Wheel Outdoor Animation Film Festival (Buffalo, NY) 06/01/2014
Squeaky Wheel’s Outdoor Animation Festival is a free event that annually brings out over 300 people to enjoy animations by artists from around the world underneath a blanket of stars. Submissions can be any genre or style of animation, under 5 minutes, and must be suitable for a family friendly setting. Emerging artists are encouraged to submit work. Submissions by email only.

Womanimation (Rhode Island) 6/01/14
We are currently accepting submissions from women animators. We are specifically looking for succinct films with a narrative (no experimental pieces, music videos, etc.). You can submit/upload your work using Hightail, dropbox, etc.

Cartoon Brew Student Animation Festival 6/06/14
Our mission for the festival is simple: to draw attention to student-produced animated shorts and share them with the widest possible community of industry artists, fellow students and animation fans. And not just any student films, but films of the highest caliber…the most original, the most thought-provoking, the ones that make us laugh hardest and engage us emotionally. Of course, we present student films throughout the year on Cartoon Brew, but we want the festival to draw even more attention to the exciting work being produced by the art form’s emerging talents. Email link and password.

TUFF- Toronto Urban Film Festival (ON) 06/14/2014
TUFF screens the best films from hundreds of submissions. In 2013 we will be showcasing truly unique and wholly creative silent one-minute film, video and animation from across Canada and around the world. TUFF films screen every 10 minutes on 300+ screens in 63 subways stations across Toronto. Submit online. Free submission only until June 14th.







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