Animation Festivals

For the animators out there, I just read a great guide to animation festivals. (I did notice that I was mentioned.) I also am adding quite a few animation festivals to my listings.

as always- best of luck,



Annecy + 5/20/14
One night of screening to enjoy animated short movies rejected during Annecy Animation Festival ! Born in 1995, Annecy + presents shorts movies not selected by the Festival of Animation but selected by our Team ! For more information and film submission details, email Nancy Denney-Phelps at   (if located in Europe/Asia) or Bill Plympton at (if located in North/South America).

Anim’est International Animated Film Festival (Romania) 06/15/2014
The anim’est International Animation Film Festival, established in 2006, has become Bucharest’s most loved film festival and a recognized event on the international animation scene. The presentations, workshops, master-classes and round tables provide the perfect opportunity to get in touch with the latest creations and make contacts. Entry form and dvd submission.

New Chitose Airport International Animation Festival 06/23/14
Is intended to provide opportunities for animators to gain global popularity through an Animated Short Film Competition and to create a new forum for international exchanges via the culture of animation. Part of the festival’s appeal is its outstanding location in an airport with a massive flow of tourists and one of the world’s few airport movie theaters.

Cinanima (Portugal): 07/11/14
Throughout these 30 years of activity CINANIMA contributed to create new audiences to this art form, enabling the recognition of the value of animation by a larger number of people, putting aside the prejudice that animation is only for children and consecrating animation as an artistic and multidisciplinary communication platform by excellence. Link to file or dvd submission.

Dublin Animation Film Festival (Ireland) 07/28/14
categories: 1. Best Irish Short Film, 2. Best International Short Film, 3. Best Irish Student/Graduate Short Film, 4. Best International Student/Graduate Short Film, 5. Best Short Film Produced/Animated by an under 18 year old, 6. Best Traditionally Animated (2D Hand Drawn) Short Film, 7. Community Recognition Award – (This award is given to a film that has delivered a social message)

Stoptrik International Film Festival (screenings in Slovenia and Poland) 8/15/14
Films submitted to the competition should be no longer than 30 minutes and produced after Juanuary 1st, 2011. Please, note that we accept films made ONLY in the techniques of stop motion animation (puppet animation, clay animation, cut-out animation, object animation, sand animation, pixilation, mixed). Submit entry Form and DVD by post or online transfer.

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