Autumn Shorts Festival

Autumn Shorts Film Festival

Somerset Community College Theatre & Film welcomes submissions of all genres of films of no longer than thirty minutes in length. The “Autumn Shorts Film Festival” is designed to showcase aspiring filmmakers of all ages from around the world. We also welcome submissions by seasoned filmmakers to serve as examples to our emerging artists.

 Independent Filmmaker’s Categories: 

Domestic Filmmakers– Films shot by filmmakers outside the state of Kentucky but within the United States. 

Kentucky Filmmakers—Films shot primarily by Kentucky residents within the state of Kentucky. This category will also include film companies from outside the state of Kentucky whose project was shot entirely within the state of Kentucky.

Foreign Filmmakers– Films shot in countries outside of the United States. 

Teen Categories- Entries into the teen category must be made by film teams made up primarily by teenaged filmmakers. A teen entry may use individuals as talent and crew who are not teenagers and the project may be supervised by a teacher/mentor. However, the largest part of the filmmaking must be the effort of teenagers.

The Winter Shorts Film Festival will view all entries. Entries which contain graphic images and/or profanity will likely not be selected for screening. Beyond this, we encourage flights of imagination and original artistry. We feel that the short film is an excellent vehicle such experimentation and exploration. While we champion the emerging filmmaker, we feel that participation by seasoned filmmakers in our past festivals has always provided excellent examples for our participants. We encourage such participation.

Submissions: Ongoing.
Early Selection Announcement  Deadline: April 30, 2014.
First Round Selections Announced: June 1, 2014
Early submissions not selected in the first round of selections are not necessarily excluded from the final selections. Early submissions that are not announced as in the first round of selections will automatically be considered for the final official announcements.
Final Deadline: June 30, 2014
Final Official Selections Announced: By August 1, 2014

We will accept HD files for screening which will be converted for our viewing screen. Full information packet is in development.
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