New additions

Green Go International Short Film Fest and Contest 9/30/13
The film should be either: A campaign film with maximum of 60 seconds, A short film between 60 seconds and 4 minutes. The films can be made in any genre (cartoon, animation, puppet film, documentary, interviews, etc) The shocking, saucy or dumfounding, in brief the eye-opener and impressive films will get a big plus during the evaluation. Three categories: Life in Plastic: It’s fantastic?; Water, the drop of life, Stayin Alive. upload to youtube or vimeo, online submission form.

Script International Short Film Festival (India) 12/01/13
maximum duration of 30 minutes. All films should have a “social” message. DVD submissions.

International Short Film Festival of India 12/20/13
Submission to the festival is open to short films, documentaries and animated films created by independent and student filmmakers. submit entry form, 2 dvds, cd of press kit.

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