Deadlines approaching in September

Gijon International Film Festival 9/13/13
Aims to present the newest trends of young cinema worldwide. Films made by or for young people but, above all, films that reflect creativity, independence and innovation. Shortfilms may be submitted via the online platform festhome or DVD by post. Feature film submissions by post only.

Torino Film Festival 9/13/13
The Festival pays particular attention to emerging cinemas and young filmmakers. In its competitive sections, it promotes awareness of films by new directors whose works are characterized by strong formal and stylistic research. Online entry form. DVD or film upload.

Family Fiction Film Project 9/30/13 (click on RULES)
Is a cycle of video and film, which explores several possibilities around the topic of family/familiar: documentary or fiction movies about the intimate,
the personal or private, family movies, home movies, self-portraits /about identities, family as a landscape, alternative families, etc. In the era of the democratization of the use of image the objects produced are increasingly on the intimacy and in the precariousness of the production resources. There is a new way to make films and to tell stories. Public and private or global and local, stands in a constant transformation in its inter-connection at the same they have a tremendous impact on the way of producing, creating and living. We believe that at this moment, this kind of cycle is full of sense; it will be a moment for sharing ways of doing and perspectives, which concerns are with fragility, intimacy and precarious. DVD submission or submission sent by wetransfer through email,

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