Recent additions

Machinima Expo 08/31/13
If you have a machinima film you’d like to submit to the Expo, here is how to submit your film: Your film must be at least 50% machinima, that is, footage from a real-time engine like Moviestorm, Second Life or Half Life 2. Upload film to (or other video sites like and provide the link to download the film.

HumanDOC International Documentary Film Festival (Warsaw) 09/01/13
The main goal of the Festival is to showcase documentary films, reports and public service announcements concerning the subject of the global development. DVD submission/deadline not postmark dated

Stuttgarter Filmwinter Festival for Expanded Media (Germany) 09/01/2013
international short film category

Green Fest (Serbia) 10/11/13
The festival is the biggest annual “green” event in Serbia which aims to a raise civic activism in the nature and environment area. This year’s call includes two categories: amateur film and short film. The organizers are encouraging the participation of students independently or through school projects as well as citizens interested for this way of activism. Submit through post or upload.

The 8 Fest (Toronto) 09/30/13
Films can be: Experimental, animated, personal, handmade. Diary & essay films, documentaries. Live performance and music mixed with film. Films from everyday culture – historical footage, home movies.

Thomas Meighan digital Arts and Film Festival (Florida) 09/30/2013
TMFF is the first short format Film/Video/Digital art festival in the area which showcases film, video & animations as a tribute to Thomas Meighan’s Vision. TMfimfest is held annually at the Meighan theatre, the only historic theatre in Pasco County. The festival provides a venue for local and talented artists to showcase their work to the community in hopes to inspire and advance a greater appreciation of independent film and digital art.
Each Entry must be submitted as a digital file MP4, H.264, etc.. deliver media files via, minimum resolution 720×480: Not to exceed 1920 X 1080. Each entry must be accompanied by a separate entry form.

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