Submissions due in the next 10 days or so…

Abertoir Horror Festival 7/29/13
Professionally made features and short films (max 15 min) . We welcome submissions from all over the world. Whether independent or big budget, we are looking for professionally made entries for inclusion in our lineup. Fantasy as well as horror will be considered. Submissions through online hosting (streamed online or file transfer) or DVD..

Viennale festival 7/31/13 *Submission by invitation only
If you would like to submit a film or video we kindly ask you to send us a ONE PAGE SYNOPSIS so we might get a first impression of what the film/video is about. If you have not received a request for a preview screener within two weeks after sending in the synopsis, the film/video has not been chosen for preselection. The Viennale predominately shows feature and documentary films, as well as selected short films.

OZU Film Festival 7/31/13
International short films contest. The Festival aims at promoting cinematographic art, especially in the form of short films, to show the audience all the different aspects of contemporary international cinema. The Festival will also feature a series of side events, also known as Ozu Events, aimed at promoting cinema and art. The 21st edition of the Ozu Film Festival will feature the following categories: Ozu 21, Ozu 2-Short, Ozu Animation, Ozu Doc, Ozu Tatami Shot, Ozu Kidz, Ozu Local Ozu Specials. DVD or submission of link to film online.

International Short Film Festival Winterthur 7/31/13
Short films of all genres are accepted for submission to the Competition of the International Short Film Festival Winterthur, as long as they have been made within 2012 or 2013 and their length does not exceed 30 minutes. Films submitted for the Swiss Competition (CHurzfilm) can be films made by either Swiss filmmakers or non-Swiss nationals residing in Switzerland. DVD, ftp server upload or reelport submissions.

Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival 7/31/13
An independent film festival which aims to inspire, enlighten and entertain outdoor enthusiasts, whether they are climbers, skiers or snowboarders, kayakers, BASE jumpers or explorers.The EMFF is now seeking film submissions for the next festival. Prizes are awarded. Films can focus on any aspect of mountain life and culture, wilderness and adventure, and can be documentary or fiction. We are especially interested in films focusing on all forms of climbing, snowboarding, skiing, snowblading, mountain biking, BASE jumping, kayaking, surfing, BMX-ing, sea kayaking, canoeing … the list goes on. Contact by email for entry form. DVD Submission.

AHOI film festival (Hamburg) 8/01/13
A project that for now three years has been showing new tendencies in student’s film art. Short films, max 10.5 minutes that have been created while studying at a university. Genres: music video, animation, experimental and shortfilm. A preselection of all entries will be done by the ahoi! festival team in order to create a versatile and exciting programme. Submit by email or post.

FilmFestival Cottbus 8/01/13
East European films- if the producer or one of the co-producers is based in one of the successor states of the former «socialist» European countries (including the former Soviet Union as well as ex-Yugoslavia) and if it is made in one of the languages of this region. DVD Submission.

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