Journal of Short Film and a last minute call for entries

Journal of Short Film (Ohio State University, Columbus, OH) ongoing
A quarterly DVD journal containing 90-120 minutes of independent short film per volume. Peer-reviewed by filmmakers and scholars of film theory. Inclusive of all genres of film, favoring independent and underrepresented work. Sold at a low cost—$10/vol., $36/subscription. non-corporate and ad-free. DVD submission.

Digital Graffiti (Alys Beach, Florida) 4/22/13
Submit innovative and visually compelling examples of: generative art, experimental short films, animation, sound, motion and/or light responsive installations for projection onto the town walls of Alys Beach. Alys Beach is considered one of the world’s most progressive towns in environmental sustainability standards; special consideration is given to work that address connections to architecture and environment. Upload to Vimeo and provide link.

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