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Toronto International Student Animation Festival 06/30/13 * high school and post secondary
The Student Animation Festival originated in 2007 as a live showcase of high-school student animation with awards given to the top entries in a number of categories.  It has grown to include post-secondary entries from around the world.

Tuzla Film Festival 7/1/13 * google festival name and choose translate
Will reward the best film made ​​”anything.” If you have an idea and a good story, a digital camera, cell phone, iPod, iPhone or other device with a video camera, made ​​his motion picture, take the application to shoot anything and so give yourself a chance for others to see and recognize your work! Expect these valuable prizes.The project titled “Record anything” aims to massification of cinema in the region. The right to send their film works lasting a maximum of 15 minutes with all interested parties who are not younger than 15 years. All entered films will be posted on the profile Tuzla Film Festival on YouTube.

Horror Quest (Atlanta, Georgia) 08/02/13
HorrorQuest accepts all kinds of submission, not just, “Horror”. We are a Horror/Genre festival and you may submit any of the following types of films.Horror, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Dark Comedy, Dark Drama, or Animation of any kind. Submit entry form with DVD.

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